Monday, March 3, 2014

The Click Frenzy: February

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I am a bit late on posting this Click Frenzy but here are some awesome links from around the interwebs recently!

If physical illness was treated the same as mental illness
An awesome advert created to shift gender stereotypes for young girls.
This kid: The hackschooler. Amazing.
16 books to read before they come out at the movies.
Post It notes - left around the house by a stay at home dad - hilar!
Funny notes from kids to their parents.
Some celebrity photoshop transformations
Hilarious email conversation between a man, his neighbour and terawatt floodlight.
Logos that FAIL.
19 hard things you need to do to be successful.
Hilarious shower thoughts - this one's a GOODIE!
I love this guy's inventive solution to subway boredom...
Some awesome print ads - LOVE me some clever advertising.
32 truths for mature humans
Babies in Business - funny meme!

Happy Monday everyone!

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