Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inside boys cupboards.

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We've just got back from a short stay at Warr's folks house - it was so lovely to have some time with his folks. As you can imagine, we spent a good few hours snooping looking in all the drawers and cupboards in Warr's old high-school room to check out all the hidden treasures. I particularly enjoyed his "high-school-boy cupboard collages". You know the kind of thing: stuck up Prefects Pledges right below disciplinary hearings (naughty boy). Tons of old school pics, rugby team pics, high school cricket team pics, party invitations, international school exchange badges, school ball invitations and letters from old girlfriends. (lols)

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Since it's "Throwback Thursday" I thought I would whack these up - just to show you what an absolute Kool Kat I have married - (I believe these pics are circa 2001.)

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We also measured the man against his height chart and we are delighted to announce that he has grown approximately 1.5cm in the last 13 years. Well done Warren.

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(please note: Junior Bob Card, bottom left)

We also found a massive bag filled with a stash of letters, notes and cards that I wrote to Warr when we first parted ways (at the end of his last year at University) and he went to Austria on a ski season. We haven't actually opened this bag yet (it's crammed full!) and I'm so excited to read all these old love letters - because I am sure there will be some gems in there! Will definitely fill you in when we've been through them!

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Over dinner one night, his mom told me that right after Warren had met me, she got a call from him saying, "Mom, I don't know what to do. I have met someone who is awesome and I really like - but I know I'm leaving University at the end of the year and she's only in second year. I don't know if I should even get involved."

His mom replied, "I can't help you make this decision... but all I can say is, Follow your heart."

Thank goodness for moms.

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