Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I have a new love in my life and I'd like you to meet him.

 photo toaster_zps32804b07.jpg
I would like to introduce you to the new love of my life:
The Toaster.
 photo toaster2_zpsa50406a1.jpg
We purchased this little beauty a few months ago and it has been making our kitchen a brighter, more lovelier, more retro and more epic place ever since. I am TOTES in love with the green-vintagey vibe  - and just LOOK at those sexy-little knobs! Ain't NOBODY got sexy-toaster-knobs like us.
 photo toaster4_zps3026224b.jpg
It's been sitting in the corner in it's quiet, uber (understatedly cool) manner - just smugly gloating at all the other appliances over how supreme it is. This toaster is the hipster of toasters. You wanna set your toast colour? Here, turn my dial. There are definitely kitchen-appliance debates when we go to sleep at night, and I can guarantee you - the toaster always wins.
 photo Toaster3_zpse084a42e.jpg

And you know what guys?
The best part?
It makes amazing toast too.

 photo toaster5_zps09714f50.jpg
(Just for the record, the toast below is not burnt - it has Bovril on it. But given my reputation in the kitchen, I wouldn't blame you for thinking otherwise.)
 photo toaster6_zpscfdbb40d.jpg
I honestly have no idea why I chose to share this with you, perhaps I'm just so besotted with our lovely new kitchen friend.

Who knows - maybe tomorrow I'll introduce you to the fridge.

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Andrea | said...

Nooooooo way! Murr and I saw this in CT at Dion Wired and decided we are going to buy that exact same one (and the matching kettle) in the next few months to match our new kitchen (we need to catch up, will email you soon!) Glad to see it comes with a good review! Xx