Monday, March 10, 2014

Love is SHAZAM

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I am an epic music ninja.
(see pic below for clarity)
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Shazam is one of my most FAVOURITE apps.
... and if you don't know what Shazam is....

I'm afraid we can't be friends.

Shazam - in a nutshell - picks up songs/music/sounds around you and tags them so that you can find out exactly what song is playing and who the artist is.

I use this app a LOT. In fact, it's the main reason why I don't have a passcode lock on my phone - because it would waste WAY too many precious seconds of potential music-ninja-ing. When I walk into a shop/ coffee place/ restaurant (etc) the "musical ambience" is the very first thing I notice and if it's an awesome song that I've never heard before, I get myself into such a flurry trying to shazam it before the song ends that I usually end up walking into mannequins and such. (true). I shazam shop music, coffee shop music, restaurant music, movie music, TV advert music, TV show music, elevator music. I shazam so much that I've even converted shazam to a verb.

So anyway, today I thought I would just share with you some of my recently "collected" shazam tags - I have just scrolled through my Shazam tags and created a Spotify playlist which you can play here. (I'm new to Spotify - so hopefully will have a few more playlists for you soon!)

Also - just wanted to add - that we had such a fabulous weekend! On friday - we watched Titanic with a good lashing of pizza and red wine (and when "the scene" came on - The Warr made me close my eyes and lifted up my arms and blew into my hair while Celine Dion belted out her shizz. It was like I was on the front line of the Titanic blazing into the sunset... #Magical). I did some yogi-moves in the ad breaks and husband snapped me. Saturday - I had an awesome "reunion" brunch with some Blogcademy babes - so fab to see them all again! Saturday eve - Warr and I went to Covent Garden for some cocktails, dinner and to watch Versaille at the Donmar Theatre. Sunday we had a yummy pub lunch and "design chat" with friends of ours who are getting married next year - and I'm creating their wedding stationery - FUN! And you guys - SO MUCH SUNSHINE! Summer is on it's way!!!

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("Warr look at that sign! It says WC! We need to get a pic with that!")

This was a rather "Dear Diary" type post for indieBerries - but I totes can't help it - we just had such a fab weekend! And.... HOW LONG IS MY HAIR?!!?

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So anyway, happy music playlisting!
How was your weekend?


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