Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introducing... Mrs D!

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Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a blogger far across the seas - living the dream -on the sunny Northern beaches of Sydney Australia.... MRS D! This month's main sponsor is the blog Mrs D plus 3 - featuring Mrs D - a South African born babe, living in Australia. Her blog chronicles all the events and happenings of her, her husband and their three kids as they negotiate the perfect chaos of every day life.
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Mrs D is a true beach babe - and I challenge you to scour her blog for any snapshot where the whole family is not decked out in beach gear, surfboards, sun hats and sunglasses - because, I don't think you will find them! (I'm not joking, I'm not joking, I'm not joking)

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I love the honest writing in this blog especially when it comes to being a mother (read this!) and if you ever feel like you're having one of "THOSE" days - read this (hilarious) post - you are NOT alone. I think sometimes mother's need these kinds of posts circulating on the internet - you know what I mean? photo mrsD2_zps3c0fa0a1.jpg
Apart from the family posts and honest parenting "chaos" this blog is filled with a stash of yummy recipes! Since Easter is coming up - take a peek at these Bunny Carrot Cupcakes - so cute and perfect for kids or grown-up kids! And you know what... I think that I might even try my hand at making these gluten and nut free muesli bars - they look so delish, healthy and easy! (I will let you know how it goes). photo mrsD3_zpsdb0b4db7.jpg
Even though I am not a parent - I love this blog for the awesome parenting tips and tricks - especially this "Marble Reward System" - I think I would dub it, "Use marbles, to prevent you from losing your marbles". If you have kids (or husband that needs rewarding) read it. (I have totes bookmarked it for when the time comes!) Mrs D also talks about the importance of being "off-duty" which I think is something we could all benefit from!

This blog is filled with foodie-cooking inspiration, parenting tips and tricks, honest writing, blogging and photography tips and general life musings! Definitely one to add to your blog list!

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Before I sign off - and leave you with your coffee break to enjoy Mrs D plus 3's blog - I wanted to share one of her pictures with the caption:

"I REALLY need to find a new place to store the breakfast cereals"

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wahahaha hilar! (from this post)

Now go and enjoy some fab content all the way from Down Under!

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