Sunday, May 29, 2011

7 things

  1. Seeing your first good friend have a baby is a wonderful (and surreal) thing :) - (Congrats to Russ and Meg!)
  2. Jamming to Grease Lightning with your mom in a Barn is a great way to celebrate her birthday.
  3. Family is always the best thing.
  4. Sometimes you do things in life that surprise yourself. You've just gotta be a little brave.
  5. Drunk-dialing is usually not that fun for the person on the receiving end.
  6. Lying in bed, in your pyjamas, nursing a hangover, slotting down left-over party food, watching people run the Comrades Marathon, WILL make you feel like a lame-ass. Well done to all the people who ran it :)
  7. Some people look really funny when they run. haha.

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