Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 things

Seven things Sunday-posted from Incheon international airport waiting for my flight-en route to South Africa :)

1. Duty free shopping is FUN. Shopping and time limits and foreign currency? What's not to love?
2. When packing for a trip. Start early. Trust me.
3. Long flights are OBNOXIOUS. Small seats, no leg room, neck cramp, pre-packaged food... Oh so much to look forward to! 24 hours to go...
4. If you are planning on traveling with your handy neck pillow-you should probably find it before you have to leave :(
5. Airports are places of great excitement-unless you miss your flight.
6. Not putting your laptop in it's separate laptop bag but in a laptop sleeve inside your hand-luggage bag under a bunch of other stuff is not the smartest move. Just ask the airport security people.
7. Do NOT make airline terrorist bomb jokes. I repeat. Do Not.

* * * * *
I will be on South African soil 7am Monday-local time. 8 months since I've seen my family! Yay me!!! ;)
Hope you all have a great nights sleep tonight- I certainly will not.
* * * * *

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