Monday, May 23, 2011

Mad Monday


So I missed the usual "7 things Sunday" post yesterday because I was making my way back from an awesome weekend in Cape Town. (Full post and pictures to follow...)
But here is a wrap of the 7 things I learnt this week and weekend:

  1. If you walk through a pigeon-and-squirrel-infested park carrying a bag of peanuts, you will be attacked.
  2. A good coffee solves everything. (yeah, THIS PLACE.)
  3. Seeing old friends is always great
  4. Making new friends is always great
  5. Any place is more awesome with good company and someone who knows the city
  6. A break from the internet and cell phones and etc is refreshing (but also frustrating when people are trying to get hold of you)
  7. Cape Town is full of crafty and creative and fancy and wonderful things to do, places to see and foods to eat. Go there.
PS. pic of Lion's Head - taken whilst coming down from Table Mountain in the Cable Car.

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