Sunday, November 10, 2013

7 Things Sunday

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 Awesome things about this week:
  1. Getting some awesome Christmas Gift Tags delivered for my first market - so excited!
  2. Spending a night of 30 seconds, pizza-eating, wine-drinking, movie-watching and general feasting at our girls sleepover - while the men went off to Wales to watch the rugby. Remind me to tell you how good I am at 30 seconds.
  3. Spending Sunday afternoon at my niece (-in-laws?) Hello Kitty Birthday Party. So much pink. So much balloon. So much cake.
  4. This week of every-day Bikram yoga - am FULLY converted.
  5. A fridge full of olives courtesy of mah chef-friend - thanks Ash - delish!
  6. Converting our entire lounge to an "extended craft room" in preparation for the market. Warren has had to clear himself a little spot on the couch - right between a massive pile of papers and a very sharp guillotine. Feeding him wine so that he doesn't complain.
  7. The thought of some yummy dinner that husband is going to cook up for us... hey Warr? Hey? Hey? I thought so.


Annika Ziehen said...

So excited you converted to Bikram! Yay. Which studio you go to?

vanessa said...

i was going to say the same thing Annika :) Bikram rocks!