Monday, November 25, 2013

Date Day | Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

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As a post "first market" surprise - The Husband had organised for us to go ice-skating at Winter Wonderland in Hyde park yesterday. I have never been to a Winter Wonderland and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY - by the MASSIVENESS of it all.

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Our first port of call was a mug of steaming hot Mulled Wine because DELICIOUS. And our second port of call was another mug of steaming hot Mulled Wine, because OBVIOUSLY.
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There is SO much to see and I can tell you right now, that after 7 hours there yesterday we didn't even see a quarter of it all. I have made The Warr promise that we are going back!

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There are so many delicious foodie options to choose from - with quite a heavy German/Bavarian influence - lots of sausages, bratwurst and things with un-pronounceable names such as Schweinshaxe. We settled on a very conventional plate of fat-chips as fuel before our big ice skating debut!
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Warren: Are you trying to hide my moustache in a black and white filter?
Me: Yes.
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Ice skating was SO much fun- it made me feel like a kid again! And bonus of the day - I didn't fall once! (Granted, I was clinging onto husband's sleeve for the majority of the hour.)

  photo winter13_zpsd013bbbc.jpg  photo winter14_zps8d372eb4.jpg 
yeah you guys! Look at me go!
How cool is this fake snow?!
I know. 
Am thinking of shipping a container-load back to South Africa.

 photo winter8_zps381d5b4c.jpg 
We wondered around the arcade style games and markets for ages and then met up with some mates of ours for a drink and some nosh at the Bavarian village.

(Can't believe that it was so busy and such a massive performance for a Sunday night.)

 photo winter6_zps5b20abb3.jpg 
Toast your own Marshmallows on this giant open roaring fire - 
we are DEFINITELY coming back to do this!!

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Our friends were crazy enough to go on this ride - The man and I watched from the safety of the sidelines - with another mug of mulled wine. 
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We had such an awesome day! Cannot WAIT to go back for more Wonderland fun!
Viva la Christmas Winter in London!

PS - full market post to follow - 
thank you so much to everyone who came to support - 
muchos gracias!


Freya said...

You two are just the cutest! It looks like you had such a fun time :)

Caley said...

Such fun!!! Can't wait to be in London for the festive season next year!! x

Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee said...

I really love how you guys swap the hat around, sharing the love of a warm head :)

Keri Bainborough said...

Looks amazing my friend - makes me miss London! And you guys!
As for Warren's mo... All I can say is thank God it's only five days until December.

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha come visit!! and HALLELUJIAH for December!!

Che Kershaw said...

EEEE!!! yay!! If we are around - you must come say hi!!

Che Kershaw said...

had SUCH fun! you HAVE to go visit the wonderland -its SO awesome!!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha (i only let warren had it for approx 7 minutes) AND he left his gloves at home.. even after i TOLD him to put them in my bag! haha :) such fun!

Gemma Roberts said...


Sasha Hendrikz said...

Ah, Head! Your laugh makes my heart want to burst!

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

What???? You don't do fun fair rides????
I need to taste steaming mulled wine...

Kat Forsyth said...

Isn't it the most FUN? I love Christmassy stuff! I wanted to buy all the ornaments at the stalls.
I wimped out of ice skating because it was PACKED, and I suck more than a little, but I will! Outside skating has been on my bucket list forever. We haven't been this year yet, so maybe this time!

Rachel Murphree said...

A true winter wonderland indeed! I am so jealous!

- Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

Che Kershaw said...

BANTU!!!!!! i miss you and your lovely laughing face!!

Che Kershaw said...

WHAT?!?!?! you haven't tried MULLED WINE?!?!?!?!!
yes... we do do fun fair rides.. but considering the above mentioned wine.. we thought better not to this round! haha :)

Che Kershaw said...

you HAVE to try ice skating this time! it was SO much fun! and you will get the hang of it so quickly! :) The winter wonderland is INCREDIBLE! can't wait to go back!

Che Kershaw said...

it was SO beautiful! can't wait to go back!

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