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People of Awesomeness: October/November

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It's the first Wednesday of the month - which means I have the privilege of introducing you to this month's sponsors on indieBerries!

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The Moss Letter Company is run by Jodie (and her husband Neil) after they struggled to find the Moss Letters that they were after for their own wedding. I adore these Moss Letters and they can be used for any purpose or function! (Although I would admit that "Mr & Mrs" on a wedding table would look gorgeous!) But I also LOVE the look of them in the home - like the B letter against this chocolate wall in the bathroom - LOVE!

I love her manifesto: "I believe in fairy tale romances... I believe we should all raid our grandparent's music collectio... Stinky cheese should be celebrated and eaten daily!" (You can read the full version here). The Moss Letter Company is a relatively new business (and already I can see it picking up massive speed!) and I have really been enjoying reading The Moss Letter Blog - especially the creative business posts (4 Lessons I am learning quickly in my business). I love the fact that this company is sprinkled with real and genuine personality - I mean, who doesn't love a good iPod shuffle war? You can snap up The Moss Letters in letters, words or symbols. Go Shop!

(ps: The Moss Letter Company is my main sponsor this month - so you can look forward to a grassy-inspired cartoon coming soon!)

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One thing that I have loved about opening up indieBerries to sponsorship is that I have discovered some awesome new blogs from around the world. In the two months that I've had sponsorship on indieBerries, I've been sponsored by people of all different nationalities (American, Filipina, South African) and hanging out all over the globe (London, Singapore, South Africa {Australia coming soon!}) and today I would like to introduce you to Kim - from A Moving Story -  an American hanging out in Mexico.

I love Kim's story: high-flying corporate climber who packed it all in when her husband came home one night and asked if she'd move to Mexico. In her own words: "Goodbye job. Goodbye paycheck (I will miss you the most)". She writes about her adventures of expat life in Mexico and the conversations and encounters she describes with her maid are quite humourous! I also love the stories that she tells of her kids: "Good news! He has good manners!". I have been obsessed with Kim's FULL BLOWN Halloween party decor. (Like seriously, it has made me want to throw a massive Halloween party just to paint our house blood). I'm joking. Kind of. Go check out her blog

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First off - what I really like about Femmegypsy is that all her posts start with an apt quote. Somehow it makes it feel like you are reading a novel and each blog post is like a new mini-chapter. The Lifelist is one of my favourite things on this blog - a list of personal goals for different time frames: Accomplished goals, the 5 years' goals, the next 10 years' goals, 10 + years. Some really awesome things on the list too - "Go on a cooking course in France", "Become a yoga teacher", "set up a scholarship fund" - go check them out!

I have mentioned before that what I love about true blogging is it's diary-like nature and raw honesty. Femmegypsy is completely that kind of blog. In the blog post titled "We sincerely regret to inform you that you are a failure..." you can see exactly what I mean - documenting life: the good, the bad, the ugly and the plastic-surgery-induced beauty.

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Lulu || Me || Bobbi

Over the recent few months, I have come to know Lulu - (the blogger behind Berry Diaries), much more since we have been working together (along with Bobbi) to bring you The Photo Hunt. Getting to know Lulu has been amazing and she has really had quite a "calming/peaceful" influence in my life. Sometimes, I think people come into your lives at the exact right moment - and this is definitely the case with Lulu. Lulu is currently studying for her Yoga Teacher Training exam and I am her "student-guinea pig" which I am actually really enjoying! It has been so inspirational to me to hear about her Yoga Journey and her mission for happiness (So much so, that I am considering taking the course myself).

Lulu is a physiotherapist based in London and I have been encouraging her to write more blog posts about things that we really should know/be doing to take better care of ourselves. I have been loving these posts! (How & Why you need to do Pelvic Floor exercises and those things that perhaps you don't reaaaaallly want to ask anyone in person). It's refreshing to have a blog that is sprinkled with really useful and helpful information. (You can see the full list here). Lulu - you have really inspired me to live a better life!

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I would say that there is something SUPER liberating about writing a blog anonymously. Basically - you can say whatever the fuck you want. I actually came across Little Miss Medic a few years ago when I was living in Korea and let me tell you - her stories are HILARIOUS. Her "rantings as a female doctor" often include conversations with CRAZY patients (which is obviously where the anonymity comes into play). If you want an epic lol - have a peek over at her "things I've done" page - some of them including "owned a lemonade stand as a child, drawn on the walls with lipstick, performed a caesarian section, given cocaine to a child - accidentally."

Honestly - the snoopy-voyeurist in me LOVES these posts - (READ THIS) and then quickly revert back to Lulu's post about HOW TO DO YOUR KEGELS. Even just scrolling through this blog's topics (eyeliner, nincompoop , grossest thing, faeces, Kate Middleton) will have you in stitches - which is great! Because I'm pretty sure that Little Miss Medic could sew you right back up!

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Thanks to all of you fab people for sponsoring indieBerries this month!
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