Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween: Nailed it.

It was a dark and stormy night on Halloween Eve... The husband had had a long day at work... and was getting home late.... close to the witching hour... Since it was the night of the ghostly apparitions... I decided to give him a little SURPRISE ATTACK FRIGHT when he got home.

So I hid in the cupboard.

With a sheet on my head.
 photo spooky7_zpsc915e06f.jpg
[me, in the cupboard]

 photo spooky3_zps4ab8abb7.jpg   photo spooky5_zps9041026f.jpg
  photo spooky6_zpsbda1594a.jpg
 photo spooky4_zps597d90b2.jpg
Waiting in the cupboard.

Several minutes pass.

Several more minutes pass.

Message Husband: "oh Hey! let me know when you are nearly home so that I can "heat up some dinner" (yeah, right)... tee hee hee"
Husband: "Am just on the way up the hill - will be home soon!"

 photo spooky6_zpsbda1594a.jpg
[me lolling at my own genius, from within the cupboard. 
with a sheet on my head]

(I'd just like to mention: I'm 28.)

More minutes pass.

 photo spooky8_zps20563625.jpg
seriously, the hill is not that long.

 photo spooky9_zps5a543e4a.jpg
More minutes pass.

More MORE minutes pass.

 photo spooky10_zps0f0636ef.jpg  photo spooky11_zps101a9169.jpg

"It'll be worth it."

 photo spooky12_zpsbaee87f5.jpg  photo spooky13_zpsb1f33e6c.jpg  photo spooky14_zpsd3117bac.jpg  photo spooky15_zps713dc9ea.jpg
"Lol! it's gonna be SO great!"

More minutes pass.

Several more minutes pass.

 photo spooky16_zpsfb4baa40.jpg  photo spooky17_zps29fce16c.jpg  photo spooky18_zpsfda08df2.jpg
A few more minutes pass.

Suddenly - 


 photo spooky19_zpse154c93a.jpg

"i think i'm going to wet myself. the NERVES"
 photo spooky15_zps713dc9ea.jpg
And here is my GRAND MOMENT!

(there was a little snippet before this that I had to cut - all it was, was me saying 
"Husband attack - I'm under a sheet" But, I think it's pretty self explanatory. Lol.)

 photo spooky1_zps7d277bd0.jpg  photo spooky2_zpsc9431a77.jpg

Surprise attack husband from out a cupboard on Halloween with a sheet over my head.
I win at being a wife.

Me: YOU SEE!! I knew you were getting home so late from work and I wanted to LIFT your little spirits by BEING a little spirit! See what I did there?! BOOM!
Husband: Hahahahaha! Don't you mean... BOO! mmm ?!
Self: No. 

But good try though.

To sum up: I take my role as "household entertainer" very seriously.


the end.

PS. I cannot WAIT to have children. 
I'm gonna HALOWEEN-THEM so hard they won't sleep for a week.

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GeeGee said...

thats such a great idea, I'm so pleased you have a jumpoutofable cupboard! Also glad video doesnt show husband having heart attack...or ghost tripping up

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha. yes. I am well impressed that I did not jump straight into the wall. *pats self on back* :)

Abby said...

You are hilarious!!

Melanie Heyns said...

haha, I love this! I'm constantly jumping out from cupboards and behind doors to scare the fiancé.

Nicole // A Life Less Beige said...

Ché, you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Che Kershaw said...

good work! i commend you! :)

Che Kershaw said...

haha :) Anytime - plenty more leaping ghosts where that came from!

Johlet said...

whahaha this is so funny!!!
You guys are so cute!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha why thank you. I pride myself on being such great "home entertainment" for my husband! :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha you're welcome!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha :)
correction: warren is cute.
i am VERY VERY scary.

Violetsteel said...

Hahaha! I love this :) sometime I play impromptu hide and seek with hubby when he comes home too. I know what you mean about the nerves. Haha!

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha IMPROMPTU HIDE AND SEEEEK! Am definitely going to be playing that in the weeks to come! :)