Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We are almost nearing the end of November! 
But before we say adios to this eleventh hour of the year - 
 photo movember1_zpsb8c80dac.jpg  photo movember2_zps1ba978d8.jpg  photo movember3_zpscc5e87ad.jpg  photo movember4_zpsba2e935d.jpg  photo movember5_zpsb317fb0c.jpg
None of those beauties have been gracing my view!


 photo movember6_zps56ea0169.jpg  photo movember7_zps4635fa85.jpg

You are not sure what my DELIGHTFUL VIEW has been?

Allow me to "ZOOM OUT"

 photo movember8_zps8813c3de.jpg
oooh. my soul.

 photo movember11_zpsa03315da.jpg

Stubble - i luuuurve!!
Five o'clock rugged shadow - WONDERFUL! BRING YOUR HANDSOME FACE HERE! 
Even a beard  - i'm down with that.

But plain ol' MO' TACHE -


 photo movember9_zpsed4b1439.jpg  photo movember10_zpse035328f.jpg
Aaah yes.

That wonderful month - where men decide to ditch their razors in an attempt to see who can be the MOST MANLY by growing HAIR OUT THEIR FACE. Brilliant.

For the whole month, I have tried to convince THE MAN, how ridiculous he looks.
But, unfortunately, he has not "seen it" yet. In true wife-fashion -

 photo movember12_zpsad47a59a.jpg
(do it, i'm serious)

 photo movember13_zpsa608203b.jpg  photo movember14_zps3e58287b.jpg  photo movember16_zpsb2e9a101.jpg  photo 120809losangeles_lg_zps2a793b90.jpg

(but, to be fair - I do think he is actually trying)

Pre-Movember, I tried to use all my tactics to convince the husband NOT to do it - 

 photo movember18_zps22b2e2ac.jpg  photo movember19_zpsb8434c7d.jpg  photo movember20_zps314041ee.jpg  photo movember21_zps2353fd8d.jpg  photo movember22_zpsc6863f3f.jpg  photo movember23_zpsf653910b.jpg  photo movember24_zps753e155f.jpg
Of course, he's right.
(savour that Husband, because I'm only saying it once)


In honour of THE GOOD CAUSE, for the entire month, - I have had to put up with the husband-mexican-pedophile-look. Every single time I have introduced him to anyone this month the introduction has been as follows -

Me: This is my husband Warren-HE-DOESN'T-NORMALLY-HAVE-A-MOUSTACHE-nice to meet you.

Anyway, to make sure that he has made the MOST of his mo-tache month - he is looking for some donations to THE GOOD CAUSE. He has already raised £310 on the official Movember website. And his company will match whatever he raises. So go ahead and donate to the good cause of Men's Health!

 photo movember25_zps75275ba4.jpg
And now little children... come get your candy...

But seriously, It is a really good cause - so Donate to The Husband's Mo!


PS. I have already stocked up some Gillette razors for December 1, 
because this month - 
It's been rough.

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Karl Hage said...

let the man mo

Che Kershaw said...


Warrz said...

I Mo'gree!

Warrz said...

Thank you for putting up with it for all of this fine month! Xxx

Che Kershaw said...

womp womp. 3 days left BUDDY.

Gaby Frescura said...

Ah Movember. The month that most makes me remember why I like being single. Oh, and watch out, because come 30th of November they start thinking maybe this is a look they should rock more permanently. SAY NO. Or, you know, threaten not to shave for as long as The Warr doesn't. ;)