Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A few easy steps on HOW TO GET HAPPY!!

 photo MossLetter1_zps6f5a2584.jpg  photo MossLetter3_zps0a6b0bfb.jpg  photo MossLetter2_zps4d6c3041.jpg
You know what I'm talking about; birds, bees, leaves, mountains, little waterfalls, grassy hills, forest friends, moss, rhodent-animals, insects, sunsets etc.

 photo MossLetter4_zps74df53a1.jpg  photo MossLetter6_zpsf92fc64e.jpg  photo MossLetter5_zpseaf9f111.jpg  photo MossLetter7_zps85d27370.jpg

Ain't nothing beats the feeling of the grass beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, the sunshine in your face, the tweeting birds in your ears, the glorious joy of NATURE!

 photo MossLetter8_zpsfbb4c32c.jpg  photo MossLetter9_zps96a1a7d6.jpg
you. at home.

 photo Mossletter11_zps6ec100f0.jpg  photo MossLetter9_zps96a1a7d6.jpg
so very sad.

 photo Mossletter12_zpsfdc48905.jpg
It's NO FUN at all!
How can you take away this sadness? 
How can you be HAPPY again?!
How can you be so naked, wild and free again?!

 photo Mossletter13_zps6fd8eb6d.jpg  photo Mossletter10_zpsbd9b9578.jpg  photo Mossletter14_zps4788ab34.jpg

Nothing works.
You are still sad, in your little house.

 photo Mossletter16_zps333417b6.jpg  photo Mossletter15_zps0778b169.jpg  photo Mossletter17_zpsdbb6a3fa.jpg

The chirping birds, the trickly water sounds, the rolling grassy hills....

and I KNOW just the thing for you!

 photo Mossletter18_zps4f80aae5.jpg  photo Mossletter20_zps476ac20f.jpg
Look how HAPPY you are when you bring some of the NATURE into your sad little home!


 photo Mossletter21_zps4b8bd1c0.jpg

And I'm here to show you how The Moss Letter Company can help make your bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/lounge/wedding/kids room a much happier and more beautiful place!
Take a look at their home inspiration to check out some of their ideas!

 photo MossBlog_zps20d2361a.jpg

(Dear Moss Letter Company, I am sorry for butchering your lovely picture, but I actually cannot get enough of this grassy letter on that chocolate brown wall!)

I personally love these letters. In fact those of you who know me well (Warren) will know that for a loooong time, I have been secretly itching to paint a wall grey. And I happen to think that a mossy green letter on a grey wall would be absolutely FAB. (So, when we have a wall that we can paint, I will totally be hopping over here to snap up a LOVE word)

 photo MossBlog2_zps65b7a4b4.jpg

The Moss Letter Company, started when Jodie and her husband were looking for mossy letters for their wedding tables in 2012 - they couldn't find anything that they liked - so they decided to make their own! And shortly after that, THE MOSS LETTER COMPANY was born!

Apart from the awesome letters or set words (which you can buy here), The Moss Letter Company run a very cool blog. Since it is a start up creative business Jodie has blogged her entrepreneurial journey (I love this post about 4 lessons I'm learning very quickly in my business)

ie: Dear Self, 
get out of the way, 
Love from, 

Another feature of The Moss Letter Blog which I really love are the "Weekend Reads" which collate interesting/fun and useful articles and blogposts from around the web - perfect for your Sunday Cuppa!

I really enjoy that although The Moss Letter Blog is "business related" ie (how to hang to your Moss Letters), the blog is also peppered with personal posts such as Jodie's thoughts on "why she is happiest at 33" and introspective posts looking back on the year that was 32 (I am totally stealing this idea for my next birthday!).

 photo mosslettercompany_zpsaf35c4cb.jpg

I have really loved having The Moss Letter Company as my main sponsor this month - not only because they are just generally awesome (anyone whose manifesto includes "I believe in being your loved one's cheerleader" is cool by me), but also because they are a start up creative company - people who have been retrenched left their meh-jobs to pursue an interesting, exciting career that is theirs to love! I can fully relate. (The career part, not the retrenchment).

Pop over to The Moss Letter Company to give these guys some much deserved LOVE!
(also they are in the running for a new-comer business award! YAY!! 
and yes, I have already voted)

You can keep up with The Moss Letter Company Here:

If you are interested in sponsoring indieBerries 
and having your own custom cartoon-blogpost
pop over to the sponsorship page to find out more!


The Moss Letter Company said...

I feel honoured! Both me and the moss letters are chuffed to bits. And we thought none knew this was naked house ;)

Emma said...

These look so quirky, I love thing that are a little different.

And you're right, nature ALWAYS makes me feel happy. Brilliant 'censored' cartoons, they made me chuckle.

Kris said...

This post made me ALMOST as happy as nature does!! Nature inside your house! What a win!!!!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha TOTAL win!

Che Kershaw said...

haha well... "censored" cartoons because I couldn't very well draw all the DANGLY BITS!!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaah yay!!!

Abby said...

hahaha oh my gosh that image of the girl lying on the couch made me laugh so loudly (I am standing in a queue so not very appropriate). If all blog advertising integration was as amazing as this then the internet would be an even more awesome place.