Monday, November 11, 2013

Tutorial: How to take your conversations to the next level. (A true story)

A true conversation in the Dyer House a few nights ago:

Her: How do I tell if this chicken is ready?
He: We eat it - then wait a few hours to see if we die.
Her: *blinks* That's not very nice.
He: Well, at least we'll die together.
Her: But... your stomach is stronger than mine - which means I will die and you will go on without me.
Him: Then I will just eat your remains and die from that.
 photo conversation1_zpsf8c1d206.jpg  photo conversation2_zps421e9d4a.jpg

I cannot make this stuff up.

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We have a lot of conversations,


Caley said...

Always too darn funny!

Kris said...

Hahaha- boys- always entertaining :D

Warrz said...

So, what's for dinner wifeness?

Che Kershaw said...


Pearl/Pretty Mayhem said...

Haha this is definitely the kind of comments my hubby would make too - not very helpful but kind of adorable...

Angela Bowron said...

haha! adorable. I swear Robin (my bf) is half deaf, the weird conversations we have when he's misheard me! I

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha - i know those "semi deaf" conversations VERY well!! :)