Thursday, November 14, 2013


 photo riding1_zps94a28271.jpg

So, the husband has taken to cycling.

like - he has a bicycle an' errrythang.

He even has some of those extra cushy bum pants - 
(you know the kind)

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He has been riding to work every day.
which has surprised me lately, 
because 6am looks exactly like midnight outside in London right now.

The husband has recently taken to wearing earphones while he cycles in rush hour traffic  - which FREAKS ME THE FREAK OUT. Conversation:

Self: Are you seriously riding in the traffic with your earphones in?
Husband: WHAT?
Self: Are you seriously riding...
Husband: WHAT?!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!
Husband: No, I can hear you - I was just joking.
Self: That is not funny.
Husband: It's a little funny.

My concerns are not unfounded, because we once had - "THE INCIDENT WITH THE CURB" - which I will illustrate for you in diagram form:

 photo riding3_zps2d1b6b57.jpg

This was particularly magnificent considering he was going at walking pace and there was a massive table of friends sitting at the window of the restaurant watching the whole spectacular thing go down. *slow clap*

So, the moral of the story is: There is a cool charity cycle event that you should get involved in. I was contacted by Iselle who is doing the 94.7 cycle race with her boyfriend Francois who are riding the race to raise funds for Botshabelo - which supports a children's home, early childhood development programs and community outreach in Midrand.
They have already raised R7650 from a Spinathon event they held recently.

Their target for the race on Sunday is to raise R6000 (approx. $582 US) to donate to this charity. You can make a donation here if you are keen to support these guys and their buckets of sweat on the 17th November -

 photo riding4_zpscb8388bb.jpg

Good luck for the race on Sunday y'all!
I hope you smash your target!

and PS. Don't wear earphones.


Iselle van den Berg said...

Thank you SO much Ché! Francois and I really appreciate your support and I for one am super honoured to be mentioned on "THE" Indie Berries blog... yay!

Rachel Murphree said...

Every time I see bicyclists with headphones I think they must have a death wish. It's tough enough out there as it is!

Che Kershaw said...

haha PLEASE tell this to my husband!!

Che Kershaw said...

you are welcome! good luck for Sunday!

fbrill said...

WOW This is awesome! We really appreciate the post! Always love your posts and illustrations! :)

Jeanine Stewart said...

hahaha. this cracked me up. but i agree about the ear phones. i've had to make my husband promise to no longer wear them in traffic.