Wednesday, November 20, 2013

His Idea versus Her Idea

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We have been married for almost 8 months now... 
Marriage teaches you some stuff.

* * * * * *

In light of this - I would like to do the following blog post dedicated to "His Idea versus Her Idea". You will learn a lot about us.... and you will probably be surprised. lol.

His Idea of doing washing: Let's separate everything into colour spectrums. Like blues together. And reds together. No. No socks, we wash separately. Only with other socks. Actually I just need to wash those two blue shirts so I will just put those two blue shirts in by themselves.
Her Idea of doing washing: OMF. Can't we just whack it all in together, get done with it and do something fun instead? No, let's shove more things in there.

His idea of hanging up clothes: Let's hang our T-shirts up on hangers so that they dry straight and un-wrinkly.
Her idea of hanging up clothes: I'm done with this. Let's do something fun.

His idea of packing clothes away in the cupboard: Let's fold them and put them...
Her idea of packing clothes away in the cupboard: *shove*

His idea of a delicious meal: Something cooked up, at home with a myriad of herbs and spices complementing the natural flavours of the dish.
Her idea of a delicious meal: A restaurant. Any restaurant. Take-Away works too.

His idea of cleaning the house: "I'm just going to get the vacuum cleaner"
Her idea of cleaning the house: "Wow. I've never seen that - where did you find that?"

His idea of good Sunday TV: Football. (only when there is no rugby, obvs)
Her idea of good Sunday TV: Pinterest.

His idea of home decor: South African flag, hanging on a box - which has not been unpacked since moving in.
Her idea of home decor: Washi tape, drawings, pictures, sparkly things, throws, throw pillows, more washi tape, more scatter cushions, cuddly toy-animals.

His idea of good bed-linen: THIS THREAD COUNT IS LIKE A BAJILLION!
Her idea of good bed-linen: Who cares? It's not like I can sleep anyway.

His idea of a classy night in: "Let's get out the wine carafe"
Her idea of a classy night in: "Should we not just save time and drink it straight out the bottle?"

His idea of being thoughtful: Not turning on the light at 5:40 when he wakes up for work. Which leaves him getting ready in pitch blackness. With a flashlight.
Her idea of being thoughtful: Attempting to cook supper - without blowing up the kitchen.

His idea of a night alone: David Attenborough. In 3D.
Her idea of a night alone: Internet. ALL the internet.

His idea of love: her.
Her idea of love: him

So basically then - a perfect match in every sense


GeeGee said...

That balances out very nicely - complimentary colours, not grey smudged mix!

Lauren said...


Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Haha sounds a lot like us actually. I'm guessing you guys also pack suitcases really differently too???

Che Kershaw said...

As in... A WEEK BEFORE (me)
and THE MORNING OF (him)
and PACK ALLLLLL THE THINGS: medical, band aids, sun screenm ear buds (him)
pack some stuff and ALL THE ACCESSORIES (me)

Che Kershaw said...

complimentary colours are us! :)

Freya said...

This basically also sums up Adam and I. Right down to every detail. Why are boys so obsessive about laundry?

Keri Bainborough said...

I need to write a post like this too - except I am Warren and Andrew is you :)

Stephanie Swan said...

this sounds a lot like me and wayne - just the other way around though (i'm warren & wayne is you).

i love this! xx

Caley said...

Match made in heaven! And it shows that sometimes opposites (in some ways) definitely do attract and complement each other x

Landah21 said...

hahahha Che you're such a rebel! you really make this love thing seem so great.. doesn't Warr have a black cousin by any chance :) (lol i don't mind even if his white) "his idea of love : her and her idea of love: him" *sweeet*

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha :)