Friday, November 5, 2010

DO NOT mess with me

I havent posted a proper cartoon in a while - there are two reasons for this. the first is i am swamped with wedding projects and "favour" projects on the go. (more about that when i have more time) and the other is that i have been really sick the last few days :( I think its the changing of the weather. (i heart winter, NO. no, i do NOT) Yesterday it reached a pinacle.
last scraps of South African vitamins almost all finished, tissues carried everywhere, brain foggy, heavy and cloudy, throat as if a galaxy of zombies have decided it's a good stratch-ground. (actually i have no idea what the collective noun of zombie is - but im too sick *sniff-sniff* too look it up.)



Let's just say I have NOT been in the mood for teaching:

(Disclaimer: no students were harmed in the making of this cartoon. they were good. they think im crazy. we had a good time :) )

take your vitamins.

(and also big thanks to Kurt who gave me some Korean tablets to take. I'm still not exactly certain on the directions and its all in Korean.... I may die... but if it takes away the nesting zombies then i say bottoms up! :)

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