Friday, November 19, 2010

How the internet kills you

"ok, I know - I'll just pick ONE blog from my bookmarked favourites and go and read the latest post...and then, that is IT... and it is bedtime. ok... great idea! let me just pick one.... how about.... Glossary....

unfortunately, by this time, your brain has been infiltrated with way too many crafty ideas, inspirational thoughts, fashionable DIYs, amalgamations of tutorials, the words of like-minded souls, creative solutions to every-day problems, organic photography, magnetic poetry, intelligent conversation, fresh concepts, new techniques... etc. etc.

(me. inspired.)
(internal brain conversation
ok. must. sleep. MUST. SLEEP. You will be so tired in the morning if you don't sleep. Ok, think of something boring.... stale bread. ok. stale bread.... got it... stale bread... stale bread.... stale bread... wow.. i am SO frikking HUNGRY! well of course you are -  it's 3am! Should I get up and make a sandwich? No, why would you waste all that energy at 3am?! also, you have no bread. oh ya.. .stale bread... ...stale bread... no. this really isn't working. ok. think of something else... counting sheep.. ok.. counting... 1.... 2.... 3.... wait! i never thought about the numbers! If i make these crafty new inventions then how many should i make to start out?!?... would i run at a loss if i don't produce enough? but if i have too many and they don't sell...then what happens?! who will be my accountant? this is so stressful. 
i should sleep.
me. begging brain to sleep.
this is not me sleeping. this is me trying to get more comfortable.
i agree, this post is slightly delusional. I blame it on lack of sleep.

Also a big thanks to the wonderful Lauren of Glossary for opening up some of these windows-of-opportunities/death-traps.

Here are some awesome blogs for you to feast your little eyes on...

WARNING. do not attempt this at 2am. you will fail.


Chantel said...

ahahah! Okay do you have a spy camera in my room? This sounds just like me!

Chantel said...

ahahah! Okay do you have a spy camera in my room? This sounds just like me!

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks Che! Have loved your post. So many of us can identify!

Graham said...

Well done on one whole internet free day...didn't think you could do it..

Anonymous said...

LOL, so true.

Lauren Setterberg said...

Lols lols lols!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Hahahahhaha! Sorry for causing you some torment, hahahaha! Ah thanks Che, such a cute post x

Rachel said...

Well done for perfectly encapsulating the story of my life.

Leia said...

Haha this has sooo happened to me! Well, minus the death by duvet. Hilarious post!


Mulika Harnett said...

So adorable and scarily so true! I tell myself every night to get off-line a good hour before bed-time but can I manage it - nope!

I have the internet on the mind and I don't know who to complain to, apart from the internet itself that is but that would mean spending even more time on it just as I am doing now! Save us from ourselves ;)

p.s the internet also steals whatever spelling abilities you left school with. I am always doubting my spelling - or is that just me?!

Anonymous said...

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