Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh english. we love you.

There were two reasons why I have not posted a decent cartoon in a while. The first being deathly-sick-flu and the second being that i am literally up-to-my-eyeballs in pink, black and silver for a wedding guestbook/thank-you notes/table-numbers/church programs that I'm busy doing for a friend.
You may think that this is figuratively/metaphorically speaking, but to anyone who has entered the mess-zone of my apartment - will know that this is actually quite literal.
(point in case - this is a small section. i am too embarrassed to show the rest)
anyway being 'up-to-my-eyeballs' in wedding-ness made me think about our wonderful english language and how confusing it must be to anyone trying to learn it...
(bear with me - it isn't my finest work. but i'm still sick. the comatose-blind-snail-brain-thing) i hope you can spot all the wonderful english-isms.

(that's all i have the brain capacity for today. maybe the kettles and pots will make a return sometime when i'm not 
man-down, bed-ridden, sick-as-a-dog.


Bobby said...

Um, Che, you're a CREATIVE GENIUS.
I love this.
I'm going to steal this to put in a lesson if you don't mind? So cool.

Che said...

Bobby you are welcome to use this creative genius haha this is the first response coming from my brand new iPhone so right now I do feel like a freaking genius!!

Graham said...

oh last ...the illusive iphone

hooray..does that mean we can call you now...

So happy for you..