Thursday, November 11, 2010

snapping frenzy. iLOVE iLOVE!!

So I have finally gotten a little iFriend (yay!! yay!!) - and bear with me... I think I will probably be posting about this for several weeks since that's how long its taken me to get an iPhone (I blame it on Korea). Anyway yesterday I took some pictures using iFriend for Nicoles birthday and I also opened a US itunes account - using this link found on 2oceansvibe (it works. I'm now Cathie from Texas). 
First: Pictures from Nicoles birthday breakfast - (I know they are a little blurry- i was just too excited)
muffins, croissants, strawberries + blueberries (my contribution), scrambled eggs + avo + cheese + peppers + tortilla = breakfast burritos, coffee and rooibos tea. deelish.  
Birthday girl
Now... I have been lusting over the Hipstamatic app for at least 5 months - (and half the reason I convinced myself i needed an iphone) So i (aka Cathie Taylor from Texas) signed onto the itunes store and finally made the purchase ($1.99).
I also purchased CrossProcess (99c) and ShakeIt photo (99c). Here are some of the results - 
my coffee.
A water shooter into the fountain
Lovely Laura waiting for our students...
The English Village Tram
Jules - our English Rose
the fountain. tis grand
Kristi's yarn
the ground. (Laura's picture. not mine)
kristi and i - (me very overly excited about iphone.
me: I'm so excited!!!
Laura: I know, you're speaking in your ogre voice.)
Testing out the reverse camera. (im so freaking fancy with a freaking reverse camera)
Blake. He is also fancy.
The statue outside my house
Tea time
Drinks and snacks for Colie's Birthday 
little love bear
me and i heart mustard scarf

Oh i'm in love with iFriend! All the above pictures are a mash-up of photos using The three different photography apps - Hipstamatic, CrossProcess and ShakeIt Photo. (once again I got overly excited and forgot to keep track of which photos were taken with which app) 
I will do a proper review post soon on these photo apps.
(So far I have found that I like CrossProcess most of all since it is very easy to use and change settings. The Hipstamatic interface is slightly annoying and the ShakeIt Photo produces the least noticeable results but they all have awesome/different effects.)
iLove iLove!

Just go buy an iPhone. haha. no problem.


Marc said...

Also Check out the Pictureshow app, very cool Lomo type app, with loads of different styles & a really awesome shuffle feature :)

Che said...

awesome! thanks Marc - will definitely check it out!

Ndileka said...

LOVE love love the pics your iphone took! i see now why you wanted to get the iphone for purposes other than calling people haha

Angie said...

i just bought one too Che!!! :)

Dee said...

Is it better than the Blackberry!!!? Learning how to use my new phone too.. but at least we can be in touch...