Sunday, December 19, 2010

7 things

7 things I learnt this week...
  1. Never trust a hairdresser that does not speak english.
  2. Underneath beautiful snow lies lethal ice. ice is the enemy.
  3. Cosmo SA loves indieBerries :)
  4. Never leave Christmas shopping until the last week (!!!)
  5. If you have lived in a foreign language country for more than 3 months teaching english as a second language and some foreigner comes along who can speak a full coherent english sentence, you are likely to be wildly attracted to them. BE AWARE. this is not real. you have been glamoured.
  6. These days, I feel that being 'crafty' or 'creative' is more about 'can you use google' and 'follow instructions' anyone can do it. get festive, get creative :)
  7. Christmas will always be a time of family and love.

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