Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Give Thanks...

The English Village where I work was open over Christmas, which unfortunately meant that our department had to work. The very kind Edutainers (read: educator + entertainer)* baked us some delicious Christmas cookies. Our department made them a card to say Thank you:
And to wish them a very Merry Christmas!

*If you are wondering what an Edutainer does - they perform awesome ESL musicals and game-shows for the kids that come here for the day. It's a full process from writing their own scripts, music and choreography to directing and acting. I helped with some set design a while ago for their show Imagine That.

Their department and our department work together so that during the entire Day Experience kids can visit different classes/workshops/game-shows and musicals and learn about the same theme and have vocabulary that overlaps. The current theme is Health and Happiness. 
Here is an extract from their Winter Show - Camp Health :

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Wishing nothing less than a super fantastic 2011 for our favorite blogger!!!