Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Things I have done this year:
  1. Started a blog.
  2. Won two awards at the South African Blog awards.
  3. Listened to a man's story of how he survived the Tsunami whilst in vacation on Sri Lanka.
  4. Had another wonderful year of teaching in Korea.
  5. Bought a fancy SLR camera :)
  6. Ran a 21km road race with my mom.
  7. Had one of my secrets posted on PostSecret.
  8. Turned 25.
  9. Designed wedding invitations, save the dates, and guestbooks.
  10. Did two photo shoots
  11. Flew home to surprise my brother for his 21st Birthday
  12. Walked around the Parthenon whilst on vacation to Greece.
  13. Spent the day shopping in Turkey
  14. Accidentally dyed my hair yellow.
  15. Watched my country host the most beautiful soccer world cup
  16. Had my blog featured in The Witness newspaper and Cosmopolitan Magazine
  17. Built my own design portfolio website.
  18. Spent way too much money on shopping... oh well...
  19. Cooked carrots successfully for a thanksgiving dinner. (well done me!!)
  20. Saw a cheetah, a lion, elephants, rhino's and giraffes in a South African game reserve.
  21. Got stalked by a creepy korean man, who believed he was my grandfather and tried to set me up with his nephew.
  22. Got kicked out a bar. (long story)
  23. Booked and paid for tickets to the Philippines :)
  24. and launched my rap-star debut...

What have you done this year?


Monique @Oh Darling Bride said...

It sounds like you had a great, fun, crazy, cool year. The best kinds! All the best for 2011 :)

Lolo :) said...

Happy 2011, indieBerries. I miss you! With love, from the sunny streets on Siem Reap :)

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