Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo diary: DAY THREE

school day and snow day
So my weekend is finished and it's back to school for me (sobs) seriously though weekends might as well be called endends cause they finish so freaking fast. Anyway here is a day in the classroom: lesson 1: WORLD DISCOVERY. yeah we discover the world. Below is the ocean section and the continent of Oceania

Next we have cities from around the world:

Fancy wall of flags. South Africa didn't make the cut.

In our current lesson we talk about a healthy earth. "global warming sucks! Greenhouses gases etc!!" just kidding we don't really teach it like that. But we do have a great earth diagram.

Ah the jungle section: SAVE THE TREES ETC!

Also, jungles in Asia don't really have flat screen TVs. This is just our classroom- it is a fake jungle with a white picket fence.
And fake butterflies:

And fake birds:

And fake... ya... I'm not really sure what this is...

Me and one of my co-teachers.

We are Eskimos today because it snowed.

Haha. I promise there was more.
Anyway the travel agency: kids can "book a plane ticket" then you can tell them you are shipping them to china. They usually cry.

Where in the world are our English Village friends? Oh look! Rinkey the rabbit is in South Africa!

And hippokey the hippo is in Korea!

What a coincidence!
And... the clinic: role play a visit to the doctor...

You can tell the kids you need to give them a shot. They usually cry.
Also there is a random picture of this guy hanging in the clinic:

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

side note:
I don't really give shots to kids and ship them off to china just in case anyone was wondering. We have a fun time :)
We also have a bank, police station, post office, fun world, concert hall, toy workshop and robot workshop but I'm too cold to walk over there- you know, with all the snow and all.

Three day photo diary was fun to do! I hope you enjoyed it! And feel free to leave a comment if you want to see more posts like this :)


Ndileka said...

i want to see more posts like this. p.s you know that pic is of george from grey's anatomy?! :)

Che said...

haha i know.. that's why i'm not so sure about it... he's even a doctor. he's an actor. and it's just generally... creepy.