Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Notes on a Scandal.

I'm a journaler. A thing-writer-downer. I have kept journals and diaries for as long as I can remember. I have a four year degree in journalism. (Although, after the 'thing-writer-downer' phrase you wouldn't think so). The point is, I take notes. On everything. One of my teachers at high school once said "Writing things down is an excuse to forget" - I don't know what she was talking about because if I never wrote anything down I would have no memories.

 photo casiocopy_zpscf8694f8.jpg

Do you remember those Casio Magic Diaries? Yep, I had one of them - after longing for it for years - the note-taker in me begged the living souls out of my parents. {In the end I think it was The Gran who bought it for me- because grannies are cool like that}The brother and I would send "secret" messages to each other via THE TECHNOLOGY, but I digress.

You can imagine my glee upon getting my very first iPhone (and all the hassle it took way back in the day) and discovering the NOTES function. WHAT? An electronic notebook that I can take everywhere with me?! Don't get me wrong - there is nothing that could ever replace good ol pen and paper. But with all the notebooks/journals/diaries I start, it would basically be me lugging around a library in my handbag.
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So what I have no taken to doing is filling up my iPhone Notes with the most obscure wonderful collection of "notes". Many of these notes are the names of cool designers I want to remember and google at a later stage. Some are awesome people/projects/books/websites or events that I'm keen to find out more about. Some are song lyrics or cool songs I want to download later. Most some of them are drunken notes that I have no recollection of writing and have no idea what they mean or where they come from at all. For your entertainment and viewing pleasure - I thought I would share a collection of my iNotes:

Some of the more 'normal' notes:

 photo note1_zpsef035aca.png

Getting Stranger...

 photo note2_zps8a14cef2.png
"Forder" - nope. got nothing.
Isikhova. Cool South African Publishing House. Can see how I would have been into that.
Nelly Molefe - Is this the Nelly Molefe I am looking for? What? Who are you? Why do I have you on my phone?
Dana Designs - I don't know why I would have been googling backpacks... but ok.
Nikita la Basseé - yep. also, I got nothing. Could it be an autocorrect? What?

Random Music Musings - 

 photo note3_zps01362824.png

Song Lyrics - 

 photo note4_zps9fd2ebe7.png

Taken from Butthole Surfers - (Whatever) I have a dream.
Seriously, why did you have to go and name yourselves that?
From the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack

Cool Books - 

 photo note5_zps9ac187da.png
Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration - Martin Dawber
Good work self.

Awesome Design Agencies:

 photo note6_zps2dd3efa0.png
Belfast based Design Agency -

 photo note7_zps13afb53f.png
From a Random Game that Warr and I were playing on the train a 262 days ago.

Random Thoughts:

 photo note8_zps4701cd59.png

A few cool (Mainly Bridal) Websites:

 photo note9_zps0cced102.png

Minted - stationery site
Bash Please - really beautiful photography
Bella Bridesmaid - Bridesmaid dresses
Boho Weddings - I think the name pretty much sums it up.
Emily Golden - illustrator based in Bristol
National Wedding Show - One of the wedding shows Warr and I actually ended up going to.
Shoot it Yourself -  Love love this concept but it was only available in the UK.
Rock my Wedding - Cool wedding blog

Other iNotes include -
Self made Stationery - Kazumi Udagawa
Kate Bush Placebo Cover
Love Brunch - An awesome event idea - Saturday morning - Brunch, with cool bands. HOLLER! Breakfast and music. like. my two favourite things.
Shopping lists: Acetone, cotton wool, comb, parmesan, mince, tomato, milk, spaghetti - in case you were wondering.

And random conversations between Warr and I that I write down to remember:

Me: Do you want some gum?
Warr: Yes -thank you so much.
Me: You're thanking me for a piece of gum?
Warr: Yes.
Me: Um. You treated me to a delicious pub lunch. You've bought me drinks all afternoon. You've just surprised me with tickets to Rodriguez and you're making dinner for us - and you're thanking me for a piece of gum?!
Warr: Well.... um. You married me. Deal with it.

* * * * *
Me: You're so nice to me!
Warr: I'm not nice - I just love you too much. No. That's the wrong wording it's just SO much. I have never love you too much

* * * * * *


K said...

love this post...I think I should start documenting all of my daily thoughts as well would help so much with the sleepless nights caused by trying to remember the name of that random book i saw in a coffee shop! also just a quick one on your wedding inspiration...my friend just started a company in SA that does just what shoot it yourself does...take a look here: www.ufilm.co.za/ how awesome is that??

Caley said...

Hahaha, how crazy weird life seems when given snippets like this - but how it all makes sense at the time and in your world!! Love this! My notes currently include: rugby invites, fish oil (grocery list), house site to do, SJ's first words, Paid reunion money, preggy moms (my list of 24 women), OTH season 9 on Series channel (a reminder), Canon EOS Rebel (camera to ask for), Bookclub money (once again i am the treasurer!), Cupboard breakdown, Change of address list, www.neatfreakshop.co.za, Photos to order, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel quotes, bank details (because I don't know them by heart!) x

Fiona Millan said...

Love this! Do it too. I still keep the ones I totally don't understand.
My randomest are:
1. A poem I wrote when I got scabies from one of my patients:
"Scabies sucks
Rabies does too
If you don't get it treated
It'll kill you"
2. "That's not art, that's just annoying" - Spongebob Squarepants
3. This (??): "The buttons are even tea forming into their 3 dimensional state".
4. A list of the 50 states of America (this is a game I play against myself - it's weird)
5. Recipe for traditional Xhosa bread:
1kg Flour
Warm water
Half a packet of yeast
half teaspoon Salt
10 spoons Sugar
Put in plastic shopping bag
Put the plastic in pot of water
Put in on the fire
6. My blog name brainstorm sesh:
Cold toast
Eloquent babble
Fried ice cream
An unconcealed enigma
Rural metro
Hermeneutics of life events
Drawn to write
Euphoric abandonment
Ominous optimist
The Story|Bored


Che Kershaw said...

hahaha "the buttons are even tea forming into their 3 dimensional state." HILAR! my fave comment yet! haha
I love some of your blog brainstorm names!

Che Kershaw said...

no ways! if I had known about this company before the wedding I would def have hooked it up! and yes! i totally agree that documenting all the random thoughts helps you sleep better at night... kind of.

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