Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Wedding} Brother Bear

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Now I do realise that indieBerries of late has been a bit of a "sentimental journal-fest". I've been holding out for our professional wedding pics to share more of the wedding DIYs and wedding ideas and our wedding photographer is currently in Croatia shooting a wedding - So until we've recieved the pics you will have to deal with all the soppy-personal-sentimentalness that is going on over here.

But this is what I've figured -

until someone decides to pay me to write indieBerries (UM. HELLO. HERE I AM) I have to keep asking myself the question - "why do I blog?"

Yes, of course, I absolutely love hearing from readers and receiving tweets, emails and messages from commenters who have been inspired/moved or had a good LOL at an indieBerries post - and for the large majority - it is these readers/commenters/followers that drive me to continue blogging and to deliver fresh new content as often as I can.

But mainly, indieBerries is the little personal account of my life. Ten years from now when my (un-conceived) child asks why I suddenly stopped blogging all the 'good-sentimental-personal-memoirs-for-the-grandkids' posts - I don't want to have to reply with a

"Um. well. I guess i didn't want to scare the people off with all my soppiness."

So - while indieBerries is still a little personal indie blog, you will have to bear with me as I'm going to be sharing some all of the amazing little moments that I've experienced in the last few (wedding) months. If you are over all the soppiness - well... I guess you can
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Because for today - I would like to share some moments that I've had with my big little-brother.

* * * * *

I've always had a very good relationship with the little brother. I call him my big little brother because he is and I'm his little big sister, because I am. It's complicated: keep up. A few years ago - we went backpacking together through South East Asia which was an awesome adventure and one which not many people are able to say they have experienced with their siblings. We had crazy-ass-vietkong nightmares and we laughed a lot together. We learnt a lot about each other and have come out better for it on the other side.

 photo brother7_zps5710909d.jpg

Long before the wedding I knew I wanted to get something for Blake-the-brother to make him feel special on our big wedding-day. I found some (cheesy) cufflinks with "brother-of-the-bride" on them which I gave to him on the Friday morning before the wedding -

 photo brother8_zps63e8999d.jpg
 photo brother16_zps9d6d06aa.jpg

(does it look like he's just woken up? Yep. He probably has.
 -The morning before the wedding.)

 photo brother9_zpsa73febfd.jpg
(even though these pics are all a blur fest- I am so grateful to whichever bridesmaid picked up my camera to snap these precious moments. I love all them all!) photo brother10_zps80f31d0e.jpg
(testing out the cufflinks)

 photo brother4_zps4a82c1b7.jpg

Blake is also one of those guys who has his own unique vibe going on. {Like the time he made me get him a luminous green tailored shirt in Vietnam. And by luminous, I mean luminous: I don't ask questions}. I knew he would want something a bit fun/quirky for the wedding - so I decided to get him a cute bow-tie to wear with his suit -

 photo brother14_zpsfa6dbe72.jpg  photo brother5_zps3b142270.jpg
I gave it to him the Friday before the wedding to see if he liked it 
...and if it went with his whole get-up

 photo brother16_zps9d6d06aa.jpg

I think he loved it.

 photo brother3_zps0b6fd65e.jpg

The morning of the wedding, while I was having my hair and make-up done, the little brother kept popping upstairs in the Netherwood house - checking on me and all the activity that was going on in the bridal preparations -

 photo brother17_zpsef2146d5.jpg

I didn't realise that he was nervously popping up and down the stairs - waiting for me to be "ready-enough" and to be able to catch in a moment when I was as alone as possible -

He brought through a tray of champagne to me and all the bridesmaids which he handed through the door and he waited for as long as he could for all the wedding hustle and bustle to quieten to an anxious simmer before he crept into the room where all the girls had been getting (and were finally) ready -

 photo brother18_zpsd950a938.jpg

just to come and ask me to put on the bow tie that I had bought for him

 photo brother1_zps9f28bff6.jpg
 photo brother2_zps68d529cc.jpg

it was such a special moment - 
Thank you for letting me have the absolute honour, my big little brother -

 photo brother19_zps710f5734.jpg

I love you more than anything.

 photo brother20_zpscf38e687.jpg

Since Im the oldest - I've never really thought toooo much about what it must be like to have an older sibling be married. A few days before the wedding I remember Blake telling me how happy he was for me - but also how sad he was for him - because it would never just be us "brother-and-sister" ever again. He did make an awesome speech on the wedding night about "not losing a sister, but gaining a brother" - but I guess that's not really ever the same. Thoughts?

* * * * * 

Blake is also apparently very cheap slave labour,
According to the law of indieBerries.


Keri Bainborough said...

Awwww... Che this is SO lovely. Brought tears to my eyes, look how proud he looks at his sister putting on his bow tie! Know exactly how you feel, especially having two little big brothers of my own. Also been working on a post about the point of blogging (after our in-depth conversation about it just before you left)... but I think this post perfectly displays why we do it... to connect us all as human beings and to remind ourselves about the real important things in life - like little big brothers :) xxx

GeeGee said...

not teary not teary not teary not teary not teary awwww yay emotions and feeling and sharing and happy making

Deecoded said...

I too have a big little brother. This is such a sweet post.

P.S. I hope you never stop blogging for whatever reason, you're one of my favorite bloggers.

stayinblue said...

love this post! almost made me cry :')

lil me said...

very adorable. if my spelling is off forgive trying to see through the blurry.

Jerusha said...

This made me teary! I have a big little brother of my own and I'm totally feeling the "it's not just going to be you and me anymore, kid" vibe the closer we get to the wedding. Definitely bittersweet. I love that you got him something special for the day; I definitely want to do something similar for mine!

Phumi said...

This is really sweet. I must say I have been super blessed with having an older brother for all the mucho protection stuff but also a younger one who makes me laugh till i can't take it any more...they leave socks lying around and never empty the trash until you tell them to, but brothers are pretty awesome.
really precious moment with you and your bro- ps: where can i get those cuff links? pretty fun

Che Kershaw said...

ah thank you so much! am so happy to be one of your favourites! :)

Che Kershaw said...

ah DEF do something special for your big little brother! it will mean so much to him! hope all the wedding planning is going well!?!? x

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha those sound like pretty standard "leave-the-socks-lying-around" brother traits haha :) I got the cufflinks from The Bridal House in Durban. But I also ordered something similar for my dad from :) hope that helps!

Che Kershaw said...

aaah! haha :) thank you for the lovely comment!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha ;) sorry for the almost tears! :)

Rhianne said...

Awww I love this :) My little sister went and got married before me, so I had all the weird 'not just me and her any more' thoughts too, and things do feel different definitely, but not in a bad way. And I did gain a pain in the butt brother in it all, so now I have two people to annoy me :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha it's ALWAYS good to have new pains-in-the-butts to annoy you! haha x