Wednesday, June 26, 2013

YOUR IDEAS! I want them!

 photo thing2_zps84353fce.jpg
For now, you don't need to know much more than that, but just know that it's  photo thing1_zps501c0006.jpg 
Hopefully this "thing" will be revealed in the next short while. (Fingers crossed). I thought in the mean time I would open up some ideas/comments from the indieBerries readers for this "thing"I am creating. So, I have been making some "things" which are all the "things" that people all over the globe just wish they could really say - but don't.

 photo thing7_zpsfd3b4e5c.jpg  photo thing6_zps5779c6e1.jpg

bangs. fringe. whatever. you shouldn't have done it, gurrrrrl.
 photo thing4_zps9bddd04c.jpg  photo thing5_zps832fd375.jpg  photo thing3_zps38a813e8.jpg

I have about 30 more of these little "things" that are hiding on my computer - but I was wondering - is there any "thing" that you wish people would just say it like it is?

Leave a comment below - (or on the indieBerries Facebook Page) would love to hear your ideas! 

And who knows! Maybe I will even include one of two of them in my "thing"!

* * * * * * * 

Will be posting my pre-wedding workouts/diets tomo 

- so stay tuned, because that is quite a thing.


Sarah G said...

1) Your baby's face is quite squishy. That can't be normal, right?

2) I realise that I said, "Yes, we can stay for one more drink," but what my TONE said is, 'Not a f&*k." Please understand the subtle difference here. It's not rocket science.

3) Your incompetence is thrilling. You should add it to your CV under "special skills". And definitely look into getting a job in government.

FutureMrsOrpen said...

Excited to see the pre-wedding workouts/diets! So in need of tried and tested ideas

Odette J said...

I love the hipster one, unfortunately I don't have any to add :( but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Sammy Parrish said...

1. Yes, you arriving "a little" late DOES indeed f%&# me off to a rather large extent! When I said 13h00 for lunch I did not, by some small chance, mean 14h00!!

2. No my friend, him not getting hold of you after you gave him your number after drunkenly snogging him two weeks ago does not mean he is means he was drunk and you looked more attractive because of it....

Keri Bainborough said...

"I ate already" - skinny anorexic lies
"I only had two drinks" - everyone at roadblock
"She's just a little forward" - No, she's a bitch.
"Ah, I LOVE IT!" - It is so ugly and will be re-gifted ASAP.
"It's in the mail." - No, it's not. I completely forgot about it until you asked.
"Oh my word, I'm SO happy for you guys!" - Single girl on hearing another friend has just got engaged.
"I just love animals/kids/hiking/painting/ballet too!" - Guy on first date.

Haha, this is fun. Can I come work for you?

XXX from :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahahahaha I have another one that says "Look, I'm probably not going to call you back ever - but... would you like to come over for a good time anyway?" hahhaa awesome ideas - love the late one!

Che Kershaw said...

hahahahahaha LOVES IT. come work for me. I pay salary in smooches. Warren is totes on the payroll.

Che Kershaw said...

OH GIRLS WHO DON'T WEAR PANTS!!!! DID YOU JUST WEAR TIGHTS AND A CROP TOP? no you didn't haha love them! Go cut thyself a fringe now!

Keri Bainborough said...

Fine by me. Coffee and smooches! Maybe some pounds when you're RICH AND FAMOUS - which you will be. X

Che Kershaw said...

Stay tuned tomorrow! Plenty of tips coming up!

Che Kershaw said...

haha you must have something that you wish you could always have said.... ;)

Alida Ryder said...

"No, It's not actually FINE that you're ALWAYS late. I make an effort to get here on time with twins, a job, a husband, two cats, two dogs, a moany dad, a tumble dryer that's not working AND the fact that I had to change my shirt because my daughter decided to throw yoghurt at me, so SURELY you could do the same?!"

"No, I don't care how you are. When I asked I was just being polite and didn't think you would go into the history of your life including every bad thing your sister has ever done to you."

"No, I don't really want you to push into the line in front of me. Even though you're baby is crying like a demon. But fine."

"No. Your baby is not cute. It actually kind of looks like my grandfather. But he is cute. So yes, your baby is cute for a grandfather."

"No. Your boyfriend doesn't look *just* like Ryan Reynolds. But I am sincerely happy that you think he does."


That's pretty much it.

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha LOVE THEM!!!!! in particular grandfather babies. hahahhah and "Ryan Reynolds lookalikes." hahaha lol.

Caley said...

1. "He's just not that into you."
2. "No, your baby is not cute."
3. "I'm not sorry."
4. "Stop eating like a pig."
5. "Jealousy DOES make you nasty."
6. "No I do not want to be friends with you on Facebook."
7. "If I didn't accept your friend request, please don't try again. It wasn't a mistake."
8. "Please pay me back. Now."

The End.

Belinda said...

It's not me. It's you.

Lisa said...

Shake your head, your eye balls are stuck. A friend said this to a guy in a pub who just kept on staring at us!!!

Bailey Schneider said...

I know I have to say "Aw cute!" when I see a newborn, but sometimes newborns look like trolls. Yes. I said it.
The other thing is when girls try to fish for compliments. Annoying.
Other than that... everyone has pretty much covered what I have though! LOL!

Bee said...

1)Could you please discipline your child? I know you think it's cute when he rams me with the trolley, but I don't.
2)Is ignorance really bliss?
3) I would *cue Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation voice* LITERALLY rather eat glass than have you try and chat me up right now.
4) I know we were friends in high school, but could we stop pretending we still are?
5) Hello stranger. You are unnaturally good looking.
6) And something someone actually said to me, in real life a few weeks ago: "Are you eating your way through your break-up?"