Thursday, September 19, 2013


A little while ago I posted a cartoon clearly highlighting the differences between your and you're and how noobs who can't get it right irk me to my core. I then received some awesome pics from blog readers on the indieBerries Facebook page:

 photo 1237922_10151591811666104_306083831_n_zpsf54e9127.jpg  photo 1150368_10151567558881854_711922703_n_zps4d784886.jpg  photo 1240585_10152225732145031_287519687_n_zpsb2530e57.jpg
Hot dang! I love the indieBerries gang!

So, to further educate the masses 
(and mainly because I cannot help the grammar-nazi-enthusiast trapped inside me) - 

 photo market_zpse22ede6d.jpg

They are very different and non-interchangeable.

Now - I'm only saying this once, 
so you'd better concentrate.

 photo market2_zps3aeec81b.jpg  photo market3_zps668f9670.jpg
So, in the most basic explanation - 

 photo market5_zps8b2fec9b.jpg
As a simple and very basic test you can exchange "too" with "as well" 
if it makes sense, use "too"
if it doesn't make sense, use "to"

 photo market6_zpsafa6b773.jpg 


Only the crazies say that.
Are you a crazy?


 photo market7_zpse952b784.jpg  photo market8_zps715784ff.jpg 
Got it?


Moving on.

 photo market9_zpscabf48e8.jpg
The answer to this is a NUMBER

 photo market11_zpsd09635ba.jpg 

Used for numbers,
ONLY numbers.

 photo market12_zps9826f161.jpg

* * * * * 

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* * * * *

I will be sharing some funny grammar related pics/jokes on the indieBerries facebook page this afternoon - so head over here if you want to see more.


Keri Bainborough said...


Warrz said...

I buy two ice creams because I want to share one with you too x

Che Kershaw said...

nailed it.

Sarah G said...

YES. This was worth the wait. And BONUS - a grammar post that features Ryan Gosling. What's not to love, really?

Nick Mitchell said...

this is way two hard too follow

Che Kershaw said...

i'll brake it down four ewe won day.

Lize Hartley said...

Cute! I love this!

"Too" can also mean quantity. Like, too much. You are too much of a piggy? I see a sequel ;)

Che Kershaw said...

YES!! haha.. definitely a sequel... can't be overloading everyone with TOO much information, ya know :)

Kat Forsyth said...

Ha, grammar nazi and cute cartoonist? You're basically my new bff. But don't forget the other use of too! As in "Eish, is too much, actually in fact." (you have to do it with the accent).

Joanna Reynolds said...

Lovelovelovelove please make this into a poster so I can hang it in my classroom!

Gaby Frescura said...

I'd comment on your cartoon but I'm still in a coma of awesome from the combination of Ryan and grammar.

bodyandfeetretreat said...

I'm also a grammar nazi - LOVED this !
Have the best day !

Little Miss Medic said...

OMG! I hate the your/you're mistakes. If anyone ever texts me with this mistake, I might have to defriend them!

Have not been blogging lately, but it has been so great to come back and keep up to date with your amazeballs stories!


P.S: Congrats on the wedding. (it's been that long)

Che Kershaw said...

haha welcome back! :) I actually dropped by your blog a few days ago and read the hilarious object-in-orifice blogpost! hilar! sent the link to husband! lol hope you're well x