Friday, September 20, 2013

Exciting news yo!

 photo sponsorpost2_zps7c3f4c3d.jpg

WHAT could possible be more exciting than "IT'S FRIDAY!"?

Actually, not much - 
BUT, as a slightly lesser-excitement:

 photo sponsorpost1_zpsb606c9f2.jpg

But of course - we only want awesome shizz on indieBerries - none of that dodgy shizz.
So, if you are interested or have some awesome shizz (business/blog/product/services/shop) you would like to promote on indieBerries then click over to the sponsor info page for more details.

The arrow below will direct you there, in case you get lost.

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(actually, the angle of this arrow is pretty off -
but if you look at the top right cartoon button, you won't miss it)

Happy Friday! 
(the cause for real excitement)



GeeGee said...

haha, the arrow leads upwardsly enough! YAY for awesome shizz!

Che Kershaw said...

haha i was never good with direction :P

Caley said...

So exciting! Getting on to it now x