Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Awesome People February edition.

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I was looking through my "Sponsors" folder when I was saving images for this post and realised that I have had sponsorship on indieBerries for six months now! It has really brought a whole new dynamic to running this blog for me and I'm so glad I took the leap to do it, because it has really introduced me to a whole bunch of awesome blog to add to my reading list! So without any further dilly-dallying here is a round up of this months PEOPLE OF AWESOMENESS.

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 Hooking up the main sponsorship spot this month is Mrs D plus Three - a South African born, baby mamma - who spent most of her life in England and is now living on the sandy beaches of Sydney (lucky bum). When Mrs D first got in contact with me a while ago about sponsoring indieBerries - I remember popping over to her blog and thinking, WOW. This woman looks so familiar to me... but WHERE do I know her from? Only after a few email exchanges between us did the coin entire piggy bank drop that Mrs D is actually the older sister of one of my very first EVER friends in South Africa (I'm talking preschool years aged 3.) After I had made the connection (and feeling rather sheepish that I hadn't put it together sooner - what with all my superpowers and all) I was so excited to delve into her blog!

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Mrs D shares her family adventures  - (just yesterday she posted about the "great camping debate - which is really the HIS VERSION versus HER VERSION of camping - haha I can't wait to see how this one turns out!) she also shares the odd recipe here and there and loads of other useful tips (that are handy for bloggers and average family folk alike!) I love that she is always going on different conferences and workshops! Since Mrs D is my main sponsor this month - you can look forward to her own cartoon post coming soon!

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 Also, I'm sorry but - aren't these kids just THE COOLEST.


....more to follow....

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Josh Shaman is an English teacher based in the USA. I actually met Josh when I was teaching English in South Korea and he has taken a really awesome concept and developed it across the globe to enable teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to anyone from around the world. (#globaldomination) Skype English Now is a platform that allows you to have one-to-one english lessons in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with some wifi).

The advantage of this is that you can learn completely at your own pace, in your own time and you can focus on specific areas that you may need help with (Conversational English? English geared for a business interview? Grammar correction etc). On the website there are also loads of free YouTube videos and English tutorials that you can watch and learn from even as a first language english speaker - they are quite interesting to watch! (And I quite like to hear all the different nuances between British and American English)

Also - I think we forget (as English speakers) how often we use language that is completely bizarre - "I'm going to make a killing" - how weird must this sound for someone who is a second language speaker!) So, if you know of anyone who might be interested in brushing up on their English skills - send them over to this site to sign up for a free class!

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Hello to tenpenny Dreams! Before I begin anything about this blog - let me just say - this girl can WRITE. If you are of the "writing inclination" I suggest popping over to Amy's blog because it is filled with useful tips and inspiration of the wordy kind. Also - I am loving her "Wednesday Word Day" where she explains a word of the day such as "DACTYLONOMY" - yeah - click that to find out what it means!

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I Love the honesty in Amy's writing and especially her post on 21 things I learned in my twenties - because so much of it is so relatable! Her inspiration posts are also super awesome and she covers such a wide range of things including picture snapping and photoshop and Pinterest being the "social media for the soul".

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Her writing is really beautiful and even the way she describes British Rain is completely romantic! I can genuinely recommend a good cuppa and a delve into tenpenny dreams - because it is a FEAST!

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The Moss Letter Company has advertised twice before on indieBerries! (and it makes me so happy to have "return-offenders")! (I am also happy to announce that after advertising on indieBerries The Moss Letter Company made a sale of their gorgeous mossy letters all the way across the ocean to South Africa! yay sponsorship!). Well it is most definitely wedding season on the rise and these letters make such gorgeous decor! (Aside from that - how cute do they look as Big Alphabet letters in children's rooms?!

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If, for some reason you are not in the market for a mossy green letter (you should be) then I suggest popping over to The Moss Letter Blog - I love the way Jodie highlights her journey of starting her own business and some of my favourite posts from her are her weekend reads - there are always LOADS of awesome, helpful and useful links that she shares every week - go take a look!
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Kim from A Moving Story is back again this month! And.. before I even get into anything about her blog, I'd like to mention that she is giving away $200 in Paypal Cash right now! Yeah, you definitely want to click on over to that post! As always Kim's blog and her expat life musings in Mexico - is filled with good stories and fun adventures. I LOVE her post on her new inspiration for taking photos - "LOVE MY SELFIE!" - it is such a good concept and I think one that we should all adopt!  photo IMG_0539_zps98359c22.jpg Kim's blog is full of inspiration and she approaches life with such courage and determination - as you can tell from her post about moving to the 13th house in 15 years of marriage or the one of her starting her own company! On Kim's blog this month you can also find some delicious Valentine's inspired cocktails! It's been lovely having you Kim!

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Thanks to all the awesome sponsors this month - you guys are all rad!
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