Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This post is a rather late post in the day - because I have been so busy with other stuff - guestbook orders, poster inquiries, The Photo Hunt Prep, website content, Etsy orders etc! But I needed to get this post out today because TODAY we celebrate the birth of my absolute favourite human.
 photo whosthatdude_zps72bd7888.jpg
(Above right: My favourite human as a young fry - high school days I think?)
 photo WarrenChe_320_zps2ffe1c0b.jpg
Above: My favourite human on the day he married ME.
HOW hot is he?!?! (If you don't know which one he is, look for the hot one)

So, My family have a "thing" about waking up early on birthdays. In fact, last night before we went to sleep, I asked what time The Warr was setting his alarm for -

Warr: 6:20am... but I don't know why I'm even bothering to put my alarm on, because I know your family is going to call me at like 4am.
Me: Yep.
(They did)

So anyway, I woke up all spritely for the man's birthday and presented him with some coffee and "cake" and presents: photo wakeup_zpsfb0276f7.jpg
( I will post more about the gift-wrap soon - I haven't done a gift wrap post in ages!)

Throughout the day today (on every hour), I have been sending THE BIRTHDAY BOY some pictures:

 photo photo1_zps746d1cb6.jpg
(starting with this one)

 photo photo3_zps1bca128e.png

and then, one hour later, this one:

 photo photo1_zps20849ed3.png  

Is it the new designs for our tattoos?
Who knows?!

Then, one hour later, THIS ONE:
 photo photo3_zps0d50c321.jpg

SIDE NOTE: When you are questioned me about the pictures that your husband is receiving on his phone - you must play innocent:

  photo photo1_zps14dc343d.png  photo photo2_zps90171361.png

 photo photo1_zps715b4c04.jpg  photo photo3_zps0e104eb5.png  photo photo5_zps0a73ddc8.png  photo photo4_zpsd2948909.png  photo photo5_zpsedf89300.png

* * * * *
So that's where we are at right now.
I have sent some pics every hour up until now
(with another one due in ten minutes)

 photo Warrbday1_zps89b47cdc.jpg

 photo warrbday2_zpsdfd578fc.jpg

(I am actually a really obnoxious person to be married to. lol)

Can you see where I am going with this?
If you can, DO NOT leave a comment giving it away -
because I WILL CUT YOU.

I wanted to close the comments completely,
but then decided that anyone who reads this post and does not comment
to wish my favourite HUMAN a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" -


Either way, someone's getting CUT.

* * * * *

OH by the way!!

Did you see the "birthday cake" I made for The Warr!?

(side note: am clearly TOTES ready for children)

I am taking The Birthday Boy out for dinner tonight...
to reveal my "things"

chat tomorrow

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