Thursday, February 27, 2014

But WHAT did I get for the Husband?!

If you read my blogpost on the 25th - you will know that I was busy celebrating My Favourite Human's birthday. I woke The Warr up early with some presents and a birthday "cake" (which you can see in the previous blog post.

Throughout the day, I sent him different pictures on the hour (you can go back and have a re-cap of what they were here). Right before I met him for a delicious sushi dinner - I sent him the last pic, which I think is what gave the whole thing away -

 photo photo1_zps6fca33bb.jpg 
Can you guess?

It's the zoomed-up roof of an Audi Car.

And no, I did not give him a car for his birthday - (who do you think I am, Rockefeller?!). But maybe knowing that clue - you can figure out some of the rest?

 photo photo1_zps746d1cb6.jpg

easy huh?

Over dinner, I made him go back and guess what each of the pictures were - and presented the entire picture from "MY SECRET ENVELOPE OF PRINT OUTS" when he guessed them correctly - and he got most of them spot on! Knowing that each of them are "car-related" maybe you'd like another shot at guessing the pictures? The yellow ones all go together and I've put the answers below each picture - so scroll slowly if you want to try guess them before you see the answers!

 photo warrbday2_zpscc08fb1a.jpg

ANSWERS Left to Right: 1. This was the hardest picture. It is the very zoomed up tip of the door of this Lamborghini picture (it opens into the sky, remember - James Bond Style). 2. This is the beginning of the word Ferrari in the Ferrari Logo. 3. The underneath of the Lamborghini. 4. The curve of the Ferrari shield.

 photo Warrbday1_zps4a7b26d7.jpg

Left to Right: 1. Blue sky, with a grand prix flag. (this was also a difficult one). 2. The Aston Martin Logo. 3. A close up of the curve of a race track - road and curb. 4. The top of the Ferrari Logo Shield.

And of course -
My EPIC car birthday cake which (unknowingly) tied the whole thing together!

For the husband's birthday present, I have bought him a Super Car Racing Drive Experience. For one afternoon - he will be able to choose three cars of his choice (including Lamborghini's Ferrari's, Aston Martins, Bentley's and Audi R8s) and race them around a track, while I watch from the side, meditating to calm my shattered nerves. I can hardly wait. And, so it seems - neither can The Warr. Since the tracks are all a little way out of London - I think we might find a cool place to nest for the night and make a weekend trip out of it. Good. I'll need some way to unwind after all the race stress.

 photo birthdayboxingday_zps639ce005.jpg
After a delicious sushi dinner (and a bunch of picture revealing), we had a slow stroll back home and finished off the evening with red wine, cupcakes and BINGO cards.

Because what else are birthday's for?

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