Monday, February 17, 2014

{Wedding} DIY: A Trashbook of Memories, Sneak Peak!

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So we got married. We had the most EPIC time. And then we had "the-incident-where-the-wedding-photographer's-dog-knocked-over-his-hard-drive-and-we-lost-all-our-wedding-photos" - which to sum up - pretty much SUCKS-DONKEY-BALLS. Anywhoo.

In lieu of a proper wedding album - The Husband and I have started making a little wedding "memory trash book" - using the few pictures and snaps that we do have and collecting together the pictures from all our friends that were there on our awesome day.
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Let it be known, that husband's "DIY skills" leave much to be desired. But I totally roped him into this project because... Ahem... I'm not the only one that got married, ya know. His results actually surprised me! (But you can still totally tell which pages are "his" and which are "mine")

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The great thing about making a "trash book" as opposed to a proper album is that you can include all the "bits n pieces" from your wedding day. (And if you're anything like me - there will be loads of "bits n pieces"). Above: you can see some wedding card envelopes from friends -  with wedding cards in it, with some photo booth snaps taped onto the front.

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Above: Little wedding gift bags that some of our wedding gifts came in, make perfect pouches to slide in wedding cards, speeches, table numbers, name cards etc.

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Making your own trash book means that you can include whatever you like in it - the arrows you see above were from the "Photo Booth Signs" that I made for our wedding photo booth.

 photo weddingbook11_zps66127ad0.jpg photo weddingbook13_zpsef5f448f.jpg  photo weddingbook17_zps0d5e2ad9.jpg  photo weddingbook19_zps7155eb62.jpg  photo weddingbook2_zpsa2ecb577.jpg
Above: On the right hand side you can see my dad's placemat. (I will do a proper post on the placemats I made soon!). I had instructed my bridesmaids to collect ALL THE THINGS for me after the big day and they did a fantastic job. You can also see a gift tag from one of my friends Andrea.

 photo weddingbook3_zpsfecc1571.jpg  photo weddingbook16_zpsd2f1d5ba.jpg
Above: Some table numbers that were on our tables. (Collected after the big party by the bridesmaids - high five gurrrls). Right hand side: Gift wrapping for Warren's wedding gift.
 photo weddingbook15_zps8c56e371.jpg
My brother gave us some "wedding-themed" scrap-bookish stuff... but how did he know?!

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Some of our menus from our food-tacular dinner! "A Taste of Our Love Story" (that post is actually one of my most popular blog posts to date. Right after our engagement post, this post and surprisingly this post.)

 photo weddingbook12_zpsd76a66f5.jpg
This is just a little sneak peak of what we are up to - It's really fun to have a project that we can work on together in the evenings when I force Warren to (just kidding, he loves it). I will post more pictures when we've done a little bit more on it - and I will also post a tutorial on how to make your own Memory Trash Book - So start collecting "memory-trash" now!

Does anyone have any cool ideas for how they store all their memories/treasures 
I'd love to see! Leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter or facebook!

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