Monday, June 11, 2012

first weeks

I've been in london just over a week now - so thought I would do a little recap of all the things we have done so far - since arriving last Wednesday

Photobucket Photobucket
(Actually, we couldnt see much, because of all the crowds of people, this was taken while I was on Warr's shoulders - I was watching the boats, and he was watching the nothing. Thanks Warr).Photobucket Photobucket
When we drink for the Queen, it's a whole jug.
Photobucket Photobucket
Because crocs are plastic enough already.
Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket

Just kidding, they were totes busy.

Photobucket Photobucket
(don't mock the pancakes people. cooking: not my thing.)

ok it probably wasn't the biggest in the world. But it felt like it. must. go. back.
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It's so pretty. And I discipline it every morning.

Yeah, we probably should.
and wow, this popcorn was so large-size that we couldn't even finish it.

Not pictured: breakfast out at Hannah's down the street, run in the park at 7pm in the bright sunshine, ordered-in some Indian curries and delicious Naan Bread, laughed a lot, bottle of red wine or two and movies on the couch. London, you have been great,

Now... how's about that weather?


Toritatham said...

Please, please tell me the name of this wonderful stationery shop. I have to go! ps - when you coming home, or are you there for good now?

the Warr said...

After a fun-filled & busy first week, we now have all sorts of awesome wedmin to get stuck into :) xxx

Che Kershaw said...

Paperchase in Tottenham Court - take the Goodge Street subway stop and you cant miss it!! im here till October - will back and forth until the wedding. If you are bored in london while you are here give me a shout! :)

Bevjohnston7 said...

Sounds like you are having fun .How cold is it really Che ?? Caitlin and I coming over next week and really confused about what clothes to bring ? 

Che Kershaw said...

Currently "summer" ie - raining and cold. (today: umbrella, boots, thick leggings, long sleeve top and thick hoodie) I will let you know if it improves - but im doubtful.... 

Bailey Schneider said...

What an awesome time you had!! Love it!
Can you imagine everyone waiting for the kiss your bride line at the end... and instead it's: "You may now spit-shake the bride" um......hahahaha!! FUNNY!

Rhianne said...

lol, it was a bank holiday... its going to rain, though I'm not happy about it being as cold as it is right now. I'm still amazed that people choose to move over here if I'm honest.

I think you did more Jubilee things than we did, we went to one photography exhibition of the Queen and that was it, I didn't even watch any of it on TV...

Toritatham said...

 Lucky, lucky girl :) Ah Paperchase is heaven on earth! Will do, please find some more stationery shops and then tell me about them :) :) x

Bevjohnston7 said...

Thanks ...thought so -dont mind the cold just dont want it to rain . But soooo excited to see Clark x