Friday, June 8, 2012

Mama Mio!

Just thought I'd let you know about the winner of the Mama Mio Body Buff. Shirley - who even included this pic of herself...

Her winter beauty secret was to use Coconut Oil on her hair (and sometimes body too) to prevent dry croco skin. There were also a whole bunch of really handy winter beauty secrets - which you can check out in the comments of this post   -

Some of my other favourites -
 I combat them (winter awfuls) by firstly putting some Bennets aqueous oil drops in that extra hot bath, the oil dissolves into the water and its just fabulous, then before i dry off i lather my body in moisturizer to lock in the moisture, i add a extra thick layer to my legs and feet and roll on those cute extra long (knee high) socks, i slather on some tissue oil onto my lips, keeps them extra kissable, hmmm and all that kissing is a wonderful exfoliation especially if hubby has a little stubble ,o)
 - From Kristi Fraser.

My fave winter beauty tip for chapped, dry lips is to take an old toothbrush, put vaseline or nipple cream on it (I promise you it works!) and brush the dead bits off. It leaves your lips soft and scale-free :)
- From Alicia

my fave winter tip is to take a long hot bath atleast once every fortnight with scented baby oil added to the water. keeps your skin hydrated. but DO NOT wash your hair in that water it WILL be saturated in oil.
-From Tatum

Thanks so much for sharing everyone, I really enjoyed reading them! And hopefully we can all avoid croco-skin this winter. lol.


Shirley Erasmus said...

Yayaface! <3 Thanks Che! =)

Che Kershaw said...

You're welcome, I have sent you a message via facebook to get your details :)

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