Friday, June 22, 2012

Southbound Bride

(pic credit: Monica Dart)

On Tuesday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gaby (above) from Southbound Bride. Southbound Bride (SBB) is:
a wedding blog designed to support and inspire brides and grooms getting married in South Africa and to promote the SA wedding industry, with a particular focus on the Cape.
I started reading Southbound Bride - (formerly Cap Classique) almost a year and a half ago when Gaby contacted me to do a guest-post on her blog. (Yes, I was reading wedding blogs before I got engaged. Yes, girls do that.) In the guest-post I shared some pictures of the wedding invitations I had designed and the wedding guestbook I was asked to make while I was living and working in South Korea. Southbound Bride also features a weekly "Love List" and Gaby chose one of my personalised wrapping-paper designs in one of her lists which you can see here. Southbound Bride is really a great source of inspiration, ideas and real-wedding stories for brides (engaged or not).

Gaby lives in London and asked to meet up at the most gorgeous little cafe called Belle Amie which is just down the road from where I'm staying.
I had an AMAZING carrot cake and cappuccino. Moist and tasty and delicious.Photobucket It is so lovely to meet a blogger who you have been following online because once you have met them - you can totally hear their voice - (figurative + literal) in the things they say in blogposts.  We got straight onto chatting and Gaby shared some awesome wedding related stories. Gaby has an amazing way with words and I was literally hanging off every sentence. lol. I left our little coffee date feeling so inspired and enthusiastic - not just about wedding stuff, but about life in general and the direction I would like to take indieBerries and my design work. (Thank you Gaby!) It was also great to be able to "talk wedding" to someone other than Warren (who will probably reach his wedding-talk quota pretty soon) and without the rest of the housemates wanting to smack me in the face, with all the save-the-dates-wedding-planning-colour-scheme-moodboarding that is going on. ha.
We got so wrapped up in chatting that I forgot to take some snaps of the inside of Belle Amie - it was a gorgeous little coffee shop on Garratt Lane- with a gorgeous shabby-chic vibe. Def worth a visit - even without the cake. (Except you really should have the cake).
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
These pics were stolen taken off the Belle Amie Facebook Page.
Go there.

And also hit up Southbound Bride to feed your eyes on wedding loveliness.


Precious and Jemily said...

I have just spent ages on Southbound Bride and I am not yet engaged. Oh dear! You are right though, us girls do that :) x

Gaby - SouthBound Bride said...

You are the rockingest - thank you so much for such a lovely post all about meeee! (And cake. Good combo, frequently seen together.)
It was such a pleasure to finally meet you after stalking your blog for so long - looking forward to the next one! xx

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Che Kershaw said...

hahaha you're totally normal :)