Sunday, January 6, 2013


A little while ago I used to blog a regular feature called 7 Things Sunday and over the weeks/months it has fallen by the wayside a little bit. This year I want to bring it back as a regular feature - 7 things Sunday: featuring 7 random things from the week that has passed.
Even although indieBerries is a personal blog it is not as personal as other blogs in the blogosphere and I have decided that this year I am going to reserve the weekends for more "personal" related blogposts. 7 Things Sunday being one of the "personal-weekend" categories and I would like to introduce two new personal categories which will feature on the weekends: Awkwardly Lately and Sunday Stories.
Sunday Stories: 
Alternating with 7 Things Sunday, Sunday Stories will be some or other personal story/event/happening/musing from my mind: Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes it won't be and most likely it will be completely random.
Awkwardly Lately:
I haven't yet set a specific day for this to feature since I have a feeling it will become quite popular -  who doesn't want to hear about the awkward things of (my) little human life? I will start it out on the weekends and see how it goes. Below is a little sample of each kind of feature (they won't usually all feature on the same day, but they might) - so check back for more of the same next week:


  1. Today is exactly three months until the big wedding day.
  2. There is not much that rhymes with Saturday. Fairy on the other hand has approximately 229 results. 
  3. Twitter is now trying a bit too hard to be like Instagram, Facebook is trying a bit too hard to be like Twitter, Google + is trying a bit too hard to be like Facebook and Photobucket is trying a bit too hard to be like Instagram. Stop that you guys.
  4. Special K with sliced almonds and hot milk, is probably one of the most delicious things.
  5. I started a little web-coding course this past week. Let's see how long it lasts before I get all WTF  HTML?!
  6. Sunny weather makes for happy people.
  7. I haven't cartooned too much lately (TIME! WEDDING! DEATH!) but I do have a fun one coming up next week....


  • Having exactly three months to go until your wedding and you still haven't finalised your guestlist. Funzies
  • Declining social events and dinner with friends because you have recently learned the cost of a UK spousal visa (R12 900). Have now resorted to a diet of cardboard and other "found objects" such as garden snails and bugs.
  • Arriving at a friends family house on New Years day for a big family/friend braai and taking yourself off to sleep (the whole day) because you perhaps had too much fun on New Years Eve.
  • Seeing yourself being plagiarised word-for-word on another blog - by a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. 

Sigh. Am suddenly realising just exactly how much there is to do for the wedding still: finishing the invitations, addressing envelopes, posting invites, designing church programs, church hymns, printing menus, organising bridesmaids dresses, table seatings, name cards, speeches, vows, flower-girl dresses, organising a registry, flowers, wedding favours, hair and make-up trials, wedding dress, confirming with vendors and not to forget that we've been engaged now for 9 months and I've left these all to the last three. well done self. well. done.

*logs off to go relax by the pool*


WeezaFish said...

I always loved 7 Things Sunday, looking forward to Awkwardly Lately! Gee, that UK Visa's expensive, good luck with all your last three months of pre-wedding.

Phumi said...

I love 7 things Sunday - glad its back. All the best with your wedding preps...

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