Thursday, October 10, 2013

{NEW CARTOON!} 5 Reasons you should be drinking more red wine (and 6 Reasons why you should be reading Midlands Musings)

(that is the longest blog post title I have ever written, ever.)

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This is the very first month I have opened indieBerries up to sponsorship (click here if you're interested!) Keri of Midlands Musings took my first "Main Sponsor" spot - which includes a solo cartoon post. I've had such fun making it! So without further delay -

5 Reasons you should drink MORE RED WINE 

and SIX reasons you should be reading Midlands Musings.


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If you were smart and you knew what was good for you, 
you wouldn't even need 4 other reasons. 
But whatever, a promise is a promise.

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I can personally vouch for this:
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"...and then if the peace corp were to just... and then Barack could just... and then I think that the North Korean arms deals... and then the atomic nuclear fusion gun laws... and then the mass production of Chinese empire... and... didn't that guy with the atomic thingy... and then..."

 photo midlandwine5_zpsfa1718bd.jpg  photo midlandswine5_zps14e7c6fb.jpg
Bottom line: Wine makes you smarter.

You will solve all the world's problems and single handedly obliterate world hunger and inflation rates. You may also generate the secret recipe to world peace and have the greatest epiphanies for a brand new novel. You may or may not also conceptualise a genius new invention.
You go, you bright spark you.

 photo midlandwine6_zps146881c8.jpg  photo midlandwine7_zpsd3f54038.jpg
*carbonic maceration - what? You didn't know what that is? Shame on you! You have not been drinking enough red wine. Get on it.

 photo midland8_zpsf42da77c.jpg  photo midlandwine9_zpsccdbb488.jpg  photo midlandwine10_zps76cfc8cf.jpg   photo midlandwine12_zpsa7e3acb7.jpg
Second Bottom Line: Red Wine makes you smart, witty AND hilarious.

 photo midlandwine13_zps50bdbf29.jpg
You've heard it before, the antioxidants and what-nots.

 photo midlandwine14_zps1323a0ea.jpg  photo midlandwine15_zps4cbaf685.jpg
seems legit.

 photo midlandwine16_zps78e714fe.jpg  photo midlandwine17_zps0d1559ec.jpg
unconventional WINE-WIN! #128

Now if you were smart (and had obviously been drinking your red wine) you may already have known these five little facts as to why you should be drinking ALL the red wine. But...

 photo midland18_zps395232b9.jpg
 photo midlandwine20_zpsdf229e16.jpg
I have already established (above) that red wine makes a person more intelligent, witty and hilarious (PLUS an increased vocabulary-bravo!) THEREFORE:

Red wine = (person + intelligence + genius wit + humour)


Keri = Red Wine


Red wine = (person + intelligence + genius wit + humour)



That's freakin' SCIENCE.
and one must never argue with SCIENCE.


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I am fortunate enough to know Keri in the real-life world. And I can honestly vouch for her character as one of the most genuine and caring humans I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Right before my wedding day - she sent over the most beautiful wedding gift to me - a box of letters from each of my family and friends. I sobbed at how thoughtful and touching this gift was that she had taken the all the time and effort to organise it for me. (And let me add - we only really met/became "friends" a couple of odd months before our weddings - And we instantly hit it off. She's just that type of gal.

I know.


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Midlands Musings is like a lucky dip goodie-bag. You never quite know what you're going to get and (apart from the amazing writing- that will leave you feeling like you want to write some epic poetry) this lucky-dip-ness is a large part of Midlands Musings' epic charm. Lots of Keri's posts are introspective - that leave you thinking about your own life others are real food for thought kind of stuff. If it's actual food you're after - there's plenty of that too - her husband's a chef and she's got a stash of foodie-friends.


 photo midlandwine25_zps6b974617.jpg  photo midlandwine26_zps9b614241.jpg  photo midlandwine27_zps83d2c9a2.jpg

Some of Keri's most meaty posts include the "one about getting naked". And the one about "honesty and blogging" - you should read them. And Keri also happens to love a good ocean dousing. (One Times Bonus point)

Apart from being a great blog - with posts that make you want to whack on your yoga pants, streak topless down a mountain and go bungee-jumping off a bridge. You should follow Midlands Musings because that will lead you to Keri's Twitter account.

and let me tell you - 
Keri is freaking hilarious in 140 characters or less.


 photo midlandwine28_zpsb7629a30.jpg  photo midland19_zpsd4765455.jpg  photo midlandwine29_zpsc47f25d6.jpg  photo midlandwine30_zps43624ddc.jpg
Yep. A whole pack of little GINGER-FLAME-HEADS if you will.

I'm serious you guys.

She is going to need all the love and support she can get.

So go read her blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

If not for me, or her - 

do it for the ginger babies.

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Thanks for sponsoring indieBerries Kez - you are awesome! xo

The end.


Dee said...

Ha I love this! I already follow Keri on twitter and her blog but will definitely read those blog links you mentioned too!

CityGirl said...

LOVED this Che! Now I want to sponsor you just so you can make a cartoon of me :) xxx

Keri Bainborough said...

Haha! YOU are awesome! I'm bringing wine to breakfast.

Che Kershaw said...

expected nothing less.

Sarah Libros said...

Sold on both accounts! Get up her blog & pour the wine! (Unless 9:30 am is too early..?)

Rhianne said...

When I have pennies, I'm sponsoring you just to see my own cartoon :) you genius, enticing me with your humour and artistic skills, everyone should sponsor you!

Also, Keri has me at red wine :) I'm there! x

Che Kershaw said...

pffft. NEVER too early!

Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee said...

Well now I have to...for the flame heads! And the real people thing, I like real people.

Che Kershaw said...

haha do it for the flame heads! and because Keri is just generally the real-deal awesome! Scout's honour! x

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Love love love this!!! And the official wine research graph - totes legit,and correct!

Keri Bainborough said...

Hahaha! DO IT FOR THE GINGER KIDS :) Thanks Danielle, hope you enjoy reading Midlands Musings as much as I enjoy writing it X

Keri Bainborough said...


Keri Bainborough said...

never. Unless you have a morning dentist, doctor and embassy appointment.