Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cartoon: Guess what I had today?

Conversation that took place a short while ago between me and the husband:

 photo quorn1_zps36371d32.jpg
 photo quorn2_zps6711c384.jpg  photo quorn3_zpse86413b2.jpg
"GUESS what I had today" means "GUESS what I had today"

 photo quorn4_zps6d92320d.jpg  photo quorn5_zpsa70956e4.jpg  photo quorn6_zps5ed3c3bf.jpg
Husband: are you serious?
Self: Do these eyes look like i'm kidding?

 photo quorn7_zps098c7eea.jpg  photo quorn9_zpse300c5cd.jpg
husband:  (0_o)
 photo quorn10_zpsff85ffa4.jpg  photo quorn11_zps59d53a49.jpg
"ha ha ha - you will never guess!"


 photo quorn12_zpsa13ec35f.jpg  photo quorn13_zps3de700f2.jpg
{sometimes i am quite painful}

 photo quorn14_zps53aa4816.jpg  photo quorn15_zps8d995064.jpg  photo quorn16_zpsb06c20dd.jpg  photo quorn17_zpsaabb3533.jpg  photo quorn19_zpsf6207001.jpg  photo quorn20_zpsb61382a8.jpg
 photo quorn20b_zpsead42814.jpg photo quorn21_zps59adf3a1.jpg   photo quorn23_zps50e61237.jpg
Self: Yeah ok. ...But that's not what I tried today.
Husband: ok tell me!
Self: You HAVE to guess!
Husband: You want me to go through every single food?
Self: yep.
Husband: It's 10pm.
Self: Ok, fine. I'll give you a clue... we have recently seen an advert for it! And now just guess the thing you would never guess!
Husband: ok... MacDonalds. Lemon Juice. A Pizza. A Burger. Blue Cheese. Onion Soup. Iced tea. Sweet Potato. Leeks. Popcorn. Wasabi Paste. Cinnamon powder. Ginger biscuits. Bacon. Prunes. Noodles. Banana bread. Tree bark. Christmas Cake.
Self: Oh, you are really not good at this.
Husband: I give up.

 photo quorn24_zpscf3bee08.jpg
Husband: ohmysoul......

 photo quorn25_zps627704a9.jpg  photo quorn26_zps904c3f77.jpg  photo quorn27_zpsdfe63dad.jpg  photo quorn28_zps7f7d8f20.jpg
Husband: it took us an hour and a half to get to Quorn?
Self: You got it! I had QUORN!

Husband: Ok, so what about the Quorn?
Self: No, I just wanted to tell you.

 photo quorn31_zpsba6524f4.jpg

* the end.

Side Note: I'm not vegetarian but I tried quorn sausages for the first time the other day (in case that wasn't clear). It was more of a test to see what it tastes like than anything else (and to see if i could actually make a switch to vegetarianism - don't tell my husband). Although it's no rump steak - I actually really liked it (given it had a good lashing of tabasco sauce). I had a look at their website for some proper quorn-ish details and the home page says that

"swopping the mince beef in your spaghetti bolognese for quorn mince just once a week for 4 weeks could mean reducing your fat intake by up to 72 grams - which is equivalent to the fat you would burn swimming more than 7 miles"

... so who knows.. maybe this vegetarian thing has something in it after all...

and no, this is not a sponsored post.


Dee said...

Lol @ xylophone!

Karen said...

Hahahahaha, you really make me laugh

Sarah Libros said...

Those quorn sausages are fantastic! The first time I got the I ate the whole bag within a couple days..

Che Kershaw said...

gurrrrrrl! me too.

(even made warren eat one)

Johlet said...

Haha you guys are so funny!
I want to be a fly on the wall with some of your conversations. I would probably just fall of the wall from laughter!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha we welcome all flies into our home.

GeeGee said...

Haha 'huh, corn?' was my first comment when I heard about Quorn! I've been vegetarian for years (moral not health), and if you're considering it for healthiness, do compare the fat gs in them across brands, as Tesco tends to be lower than Quorn brand, and Linda MCC sausages had to be re-recipied a few years back for being higher in salt and fat than normal sausages. With the mince, add a crap load of flavours - garlic, spices, herbs, whatever, because it has none of its own but will absorb all your flavourings scrummily.

BEST soy-food item uses IMO: sausages in toad in the hole, 'chicken pieces' in thai green curry and really garlicked/thymed mince in chilli. Enjoy the new discoveries!

Che Kershaw said...

oooh thank you! will def try some of those! (I will disguise it so that husband never even notices the difference! haha )

Kat - Rock n Roll Bride said...

HAHA this made me laugh out loud cos its totally something I'd do to Gareth too!

Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee said...

Haha I play these guessing games too, and it's always very anti-climactic by the time we get to the answer. And not as fun as I originally thought it would be. Side note- I refuse to eat Quorn because no one really seems to know what it is...some sort of mushroom fungus thing I think.

Anna said...

Don't fall for the marketing ploy. It basically just processed food. Steak is so much better! :)

Pearl/Pretty Mayhem said...

Haha I love playing the guessing game with my hubby too. Although sometimes he guesses the answer straight away which is almost more annoying lol

Sara Strauss said...

This cracked me up so much! I never would've guessed either!

Annabel Krantz said...

Hehe, I showed this to my boyfriend and it reminded him of me. Now he's frustrated just remembering how annoying I am playing 20 Questions with!

Ms. Megan said...

bahaha!! I love playing this game and I hate it when people just want you to GIVE them the answer! Where is the fun in that?!? :)