Sunday, October 9, 2011

7 things


Awesome things from this week:
  1. Meeting international indieBerries readers (and getting them lost in Seoul).
  2. Cold weather = not awesome. Discovering my electric blanket still works when i drag it out the cupboard like a shivering mess at 2am  = way awesome.
  3. The "Cheese Ball" that i'm attending tonight. Yes, that's right. Cheese. A party. Of Cheese. All cheeeese. I know. 
  4. This song.
  5. Travel planning. Even although I hate planning, and organising and internet booking and decision making and anything to do with finance and banking and payment in general. But the pictures are pretty to look at. 
  6. Laughing with friends. a LOT of laughing. that's always a win.
  7. Having a fabulous girls night out complete with Japanese Rock Band

* happy Sunday, friends - i hope it's filled with all things awesome *

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