Monday, October 17, 2011

farewell friend

Sometimes you come across people in life who are just awesome. The kind of people with whom you can share a laugh, a cry, a good story, a sob story,  a witty joke, an intellectual conversation, a pizza, a sitcom, a rainy day and a drink (or seven). That is my friend Sarah. Last Saturday, Sarah left Korea to return to the sunny shores of South Africa- where she will feast on biltong and Savannah Dry's and other such GLORIOUS South African treats and make us all really jealous. As much as we HATE you for that right now, you will truly be missed. Korea just isn't the same without you. 

A few quick snaps of the goodbye note i made for Sar - with "up-cycled" materials. (up-cycled = fancy way of saying "trash".)

Cover made with brown card, fabric samples - (which I collected from Dongdaemun), washi tape and old dictionary pages. 
Page made with Seoul Design pamphlet, inked doily, old wrapping paper and deco-tape.
Starbucks paper bag - used to make a pocket, old wine giftbag, dictionary scraps and an old english certificate sent through a Cuttlebug and painted with black paint.
Postcards, brown card, fabric tape and washi tape.
Then i stitched up the pages using thick purple cotton and a needle.

and yes... 
this happened:
blood, sweat and tears for you Sarah!!

a thousand times over.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

What a beautiful card, sign in blood nogal

Jenette Reitsma said...

haha! Love the "sign in blood nogal" from Daft Scots Lass! ah! Miss these South Africanismes when away from home - stunning stunning stunning ensemble. 

Bailey Schneider said...

You are just so special!!! Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Che Kershaw said...

haha i sign ALL my special documents in BLOOD! :) haha

sarah said...

CHE!! i just saw this now (as i now live in the land of painfully slow internet - but still, we love it). you are just so lovely. kamsa chingu. i meeeeeeess you. like... if you took kimchi away from a korean kid. true story.

Anonymous said...

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