Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 things


7 Awesome things that happened this week:
  1. A six year old Korean kid in class who understood and spoke zero English throughout the entire class then right at the end for no reason, broke out into a perfect rendition of The Beatles - Let It Be. Incredible.
  2. Boiled eggs without blowing up my microwave or setting fire to the kitchen. high five me.
  3. Spent 15 minutes at the end of a class searching for a kids' lost snap-bangle watch. Only to discover it was snap-bangled to her own foot. kids. gaaaah.
  4. Finished the first season of Suits and the first season of The Killing. If you haven't seen these, you should.
  5. Ate a thin-crusted pizza with apple, cinnamon, and cream cheese. Yeah, it was exactly as good as it sounds. wow.
  6. Got almost one box packed and almost ready for shipping home. Packing up your life, is not fun. Start early.
  7. Was told I had to work on Monday (which is usually my weekend) but decided to take the day off anyway. SO... basically nothing has changed - except now I'm more grateful for the weekend day off. It's the small things :)


Lauren said...

Snap bangled to her ankle - bahahahaha! Awesome about the little Beatles-singing kid. x

Janine van Staden said...

hah! High five! - you truly deserve it! ;)

the kid with the beatles "let it be" = awesome! hahaha