Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 things


7 awesome things I've seen this week
  1. A wild deer come out of NO-where and attack a child in the middle of the street. No one was hurt and it was simultaneously ridiculous and HILARIOUS.
  2. A 4 year old kid collect 7 ladybugs and put them into a box. super cute.
  3. A Korean kid's shirt with the words "it's good for use your stretchy fingers" what?
  4. Beautiful sunflowers on the walk to get kimbap
  5. A Korean man in gym practising his swimming technique. On the floor mat. Just full-on swimming. Minus the water. 
  6. People at my workplace dressed as Cinderella, Snow White and some gyspy-thing in the spirit of Halloween...a few weeks early. 
  7. Some old pictures on my hard-drive of epic photo-scavenger hunt which I had forgotten to blog about...which I can't wait to do! :)

* Happy Sunday *
I hope it's lazy and wonderful.

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