Sunday, October 16, 2011

7 things


  1. A few extra hours of sleep can really work wonders. 
  2. Saying bon-voyage/farewell to good friends is a sad thing to do.
  3. I usually think that bed-making is quite a strange/redundant process, but there is something quite awesome about climbing into a well-made, new-sheeted bed.
  4. Sometimes you have to take two steps back to go one step forward. And that's ok.
  5. Making travel plans can be both frustrating and exciting.
  6. Reading too many awesome blogs can give you what i call "life-envy". At this point you need to shut down your computer and go do something fun in your real-life. Alternatively you could phone a friend, crack open a bottle of wine, and keep perusing the whole of blogville. 
  7. If you put your shoes on the wrong feet, you will feel like a 6 year-old idiot. (yes, i did this on Saturday).

1 comment :

Lindsay du Plessis said...

Your blog makes me life-envious. You're so, as we'd say in Afrikaans, 'vluks'! I'm sorry you're sad about your friend leaving, I had the same thing a month ago. Stupid contracts! You can read my blog, if you like:) It's not nearly as good as yours but I'm new at it!