Tuesday, October 18, 2011

gangsta 101


(it works. it's low cal. it's recycling. it's gangsta. tastes like awesome.)

double gangsta if you wrestle it to death yourself.
Alternatively, available for the low-low price of 3000 won at a Korean Cafeteria near you.

yeah, that's right. AAALLLL MINE.

gangsta's got a need.


no comment.

(This was a mistake. I didn't understand and i pushed a bunch of buttons. The next thing it spewed out a bajillion paper monies. felt like the jackpot.)

it wasn't.


Rooikat said...

Respect for the sea-monster :) I wouldn't go there! lol. 

Genevieve Motley said...

you crack me up! love the asian kid making a che shirt :)

Jessica Oliver said...

Mild obsession with Nik Naks? When I lived in London my bags used to be loaded with Woolies Muesli Rusks, biltong, Hunters Dry and Tempos!

Che Kershaw said...

mild obsession... and hungry friends... makes for good bartering power :)

Kelly said...

:( i cant see the pics

Stephanie said...

ooh chomp!! i LOVE them! had the ones here in london (i was told is the same thing) but it wasn't!! same with the smarties (SA ones A LOT better)!
loved your unisa envelope idea! xx

Terri said...

Nik Naks & chomp - girl after my own heart!!  
And luurve the stirring of coffee with sunglasses arm, most gansta!!

Kristen said...

Fascinating. Didn't know any of that.

Bailey Schneider said...

That's not just gangsta... that's HARDCORE GANGSTA!! LOL
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde