Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day Eighteen

Day and Night on the Train and Christmas Eve:


Something Awesome: Finally getting onto our train in Hoi An after an hour delay at the station.
Something Crap: Being completely ripped off at the train station when we arrived in Hanoi.
Something Random: It was gorgeous being able to watch the scenery go by on the train and having time on the train to sit and read and think.
Something we did:
Got the overnight sleeper train from Hoi An to Hanoi.
Something we ate: Train packed-lunch that we organised in Hoi An including a baguette with sundried tomatoes, salami and olives and water and a brownie.
Something said:
Blake to me in our train cabin: Che. pssst. Che. did you see that guy? He has no arms.


yes, we really did share our sleeper train cabin with a scary looking man with no arms.
i didn't sleep much.

It was also Christmas eve this day - so we met up with my two University friends and went out for Christmas eve dinner. Mid way through drinks, Blake disappeared and returned with a plastic bag. He decided Christmas wasn't Christmas without Christmas crackers - and since they aren't such a thing in Asia - he bought some random pressies for us and put them in a bag. We then had to each pull a gift out the bag and say a loud "cracker-BANG!" as we did. It was loads of fun :) (i pulled the wind up toy train - below haha)

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