Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Twenty Five

New Years Eve

Something Awesome: Did a swing jump into one of the most beautiful, cleanest, bluest waterfalls I've ever seen. Kuang-si, Luang Prabang:

Something crap: Forgetting to take pics using my old school lomo camera at the waterfalls. fail.


Something we did: Went back to Dyen Sabai and played "rude-scrabble" thanks to Hellen haha. We also went to a river-view bar called Utopia for a New Years Eve Party.


Something random: Blake had a firework which he tried to set off for about 15 minutes and nothing worked. We think it was a dud.

Something we ate: New Years eve specials at Utopia - Mixed grilled vegetable Sandwich, Fried Mekong River-weed and spicy dip and spicy nuts.

Something Said: Everybody from their respective countries shouting "Happy New Year!" at various times of the day/night to coincide with the count-down of their own country.

I hope everyone had a very festive New Years and all the very best for an amazing and fulfilling year to come. Thank you for all the blog support over the past year, I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing more from everyone in the future :)

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