Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Twenty Two

Leaving the Island and Halong Bay

Something Awesome: Meeting up with our new British friends on the boat ride back to Hanoi
Something Crap: The Weather. Still not great. (should have done a little more research and realised this is "winter" lol.)
Something Random: My hair gets super awesome when it's too cold to shower, I have no hairbrush and I've been swimming in the sea. (pic below: aka "wild-tropical-island-creep")
Something we ate: Supper with our new backpacker friends at Al Fresco Restaurant in Hanoi. We caved and went super western style - pizzas for all!
Something we did: Watched an impromptu ballroom dance class taking place on the side of the lake in Hanoi on our way back from dinner.
Something said:
Local by-stander watching us as we watched the Ballroom dancing:
You! you try!! go! Try!

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