Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day Sixteen

Something Awesome: Stumbling upon a really local random market in Hoi An town.
Something Crap: Not all of our dresses/suits were ready for collection and they had run out of material for one of my dresses. sob. (pic below of the tailor shop)
Something Random: We ended up in a construction site and it started raining - which was awesome considering we were in a pile of cement with no umbrellas and mangy dogs around. lol
Something we ate: Popcorn at the local market
Something we did: We designed our own shoes to be made - Blake's included his own initials. haha. pics to follow.
Something Said:
Shoe lady:
You want initial on your shoe? really? It's crazy. ?!
Blake: Yeah! awesome!
Shoe Lady: ok

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